Fishtec’s Top 10 Predator Facebook Pages.

Lets face it, time is a precious commodity, and while there is often plenty of it whilst you sit there blanking whilst waiting for that elusive run, there’s seemingly none when you get home to the family.

As such many anglers are now turning to the pure ease of Facebook for sharing their catches and experiences. Facebook gives anglers the freedom to express their fishing lives as and when they like at the simple touch of a screen, right there on the bank, with no need to log on to a desktop PC or edit a blog or webpage back home. Judging by the number of new facebook pages springing up all the time It looks to us like convenience really is winning the day on the digital scene.

There is little doubt that predator fishing, both with lures and bait, is a hugely popular and fast growing area of the sport. This time of year see’s predator fishing activity increase drastically when other disciplines are winding down for the winter. One of the best ways to keep in touch with this growing angling discipline is to give these awesome Facebook pages a like!

In no particular order here are our top 10 predator Facebook pages:

1. Savage Gear.

Simply the number one Facebook page to see dribble-inducing pictures of massive pike, zander, perch and about anything else that will take a lure! Mads Grossel and the Savage gear team have come up with the most innovative and effective predator fishing lures you have ever seen. This page is THE place to keep up with new product developments, tackle and techniques.

2. Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain.

Britain’s largest single species predator group, the PAC works for the future of pike and pike fishing. The PAC is a fantastic organisation to be a part of, where anglers from all over Britain unite to protect the welfare of the pike. If you’re a beginner to pike fishing, or need some guidance on the coarse fishing tackle you need, and how to catch and care for your quarry then these guys are well worth a like.

3. The Pikester.

Jon Shoreman is a technologically minded pike hunter who loves sharing his catches and wisdom on his interesting facebook page. Jon is a common sight on famous pike waters such as Chew, Llandegfedd and the Scottish lochs. With his trademark hat and GoPro at the ready, you really cant miss him! Outstanding images, action video footage and some interesting photoshop work make this a very cool page to visit.

4. Adventures of a river Piker.

Nathan Edgell’s love for river piking genuinely comes through on this page. He posts gorgeous images that really capture the magic of being on the river at the crack of dawn on a cold frosty winter morning, or at sundown, float-watching in the mist waiting for that one special run. Oh, and he also regularly catches plenty of huge pike, with several 30lb plus river leviathans to his name!

5. Mick Brown fishing – Every picture tells a story.

You already be familiar with Mick Brown. A predator angler based in the midlands, Mick has written many excellent books on pike and has appeared in numerous TV series. Known as one of the nicest guys in fishing, Mick has accumulated countless thousands of photographs over his angling career and this page has been set up to share those images. Mick regularly posts his historic catches and explains the unique and quirky story behind each one. This page is a highly entertaining retro fish catching experience and is well worth a like in our opinion.

6. The Only Way is Esox.

A wonderful accumulation of striking and unusual pike pictures from around the world. Killer fishing lures, pike related humour and witty memes can all be found on this awesome page. If you are an completely obsessed esox hunter, then this is definitely the page for you!

7. Pike-in-lens.

The concept of Pike-In-Lens is ULTRA cool pike fishing shots. On this community page, you will find numerous jaw dropping images of pike in all of their savage glory from across the UK, Europe and beyond. If you like pure ‘fish porn’ then you’ve just found your nirvana.

8. Water Wolf.

If you are a mad keen predator angler then you must have heard of Water Wolf. These cameras are much loved by lure fishermen for their ability to capture pike strikes and unseen follows to your lures. There really is a whole new world down there, and this page gathers up the very best exciting predator footage for you to marvel over.

9. Irish Pike Fishing.

Pike is a long-persecuted and maligned species in Ireland. But the tables are now turning with the rise in popularity of predator fishing. Esox enthusiast Philip Cairnduff set this page up for people who love fishing in Ireland mostly for pike, but also other Irish species. Not only will you find brilliant fishing, but also some breathtaking scenery captured on camera during Irish fishing pike adventures. This page will give you the motivation to get up and dust off them rods and get onto the bank in search of mean green fighting machines.

10. River Piker – A lure anglers Diary.

Paul Bosworth’s excellent pike page is dedicated to flinging lures into UK rivers in search of esox of any size. As well as inspiring images of lure-caught pike from all over the country, you will also find some stylish videos. Lets face it, a Prodigy track and mean looking pike = pure awesomeness in our book!