Fishtec/PSM/Celtic League results – Comp 1

The first round of the Fishtec league went ahead on April 1st, Llandegfedd reservoir.  On the day, 56 anglers caught 780 fish making a very impressive rod average 13.928 , which was just ebaten back in 2008 by a rod average over over 15!

Team Results (individual results to follow)

Llandegfedd fished exceptionally well over the first competition with most big bags coming from the North Shore and the Gabiens. Anglers fished heavy sinking fly lines such as the Airflo Sixth Sense Di 7 and the new Forty plus fly lines. Fish where taking bright gory flies at the start of the day, but after extensive fishing trout turned to drabber colours such as Olives and Blacks. The end of the day saw a couple of fish being taken on buzzers and floating fly lines.