Fishtec/PSM/Celtic Individual results Comp 2

Round two of the Fishtec League got under way 6th May at Llandegfedd reservoir. On a tough day 56 anglers managed to put over 300 fish in the net in some of the most perfect fishing conditions we’ve had for weeks.

Individual results match 2

Overall results so far:

Llandegfedd is still on form after hosting some of Wales’s most prestigious fly fishing competitions. Water clarity is the best that most have seen for years and nearly all fish fell for more imitative patterns. Top two anglers of the day fished with the new Airflo Supple Impact Mini Tip fly line and a team of black & olive buzzers. Most of the fish that were caught are ‘over wintered’ or early season stockies which have mended well, feeding on the lakes most prolific food source. Buzzers!

Caught by Anthony Cartwright

Written by Kieron Jenkins