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The FishSpy underwater camera marker float.

The FishSpy underwater camera marker float.

Your angling experience is about to be revolutionised. Available from Fishtec, the FishSpy is a pro-quality camera, hidden inside a specially designed marker float. It transmits live video to your phone or tablet so that you can see what’s going on under the water in “reel” time.

Use the footage to help you fish smarter. Store it to analyse later, and share your best action shots with friends. FishSpy combines all the best features of all the other imaging gadgets out there in one, easy to use device.

Because FishSpy is designed for anglers, it’s there to enhance your experience. You’ll still have to use all your ingenuity to outsmart that specimen carp, but now you’ll be able to watch the underwater action at the same time!

Here, we take a look at FishSpy’s key features, and compare the device to other options available.


comparison table of fishing gadgets

Fishing gadgets comparisons

fishspy in the water

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FishSpy in action


People rave about the GoPro. And rightly so; as an all action video recorder, it’s hard to beat. Take techy angler Richard Handel, author of the fishing blog UK Carp and Coarse Fishing. He loves his:

“ I have only had my GoPro just over a week and it’s an amazing bit of kit.”

The design team at Total fishing gear, the company behind FishSpy, obviously listened to anglers and decided to go one better. By incorporating a top quality low-light, wide angle lens video recorder into an in-line aerodynamic housing, they created an action cam that ticks a couple of boxes the GoPro misses.

FishSpy uses in-built wifi to record and stream live footage to your smartphone, enabling you to watch the action over your hook, as it happens. That’s right, you don’t even need a mobile phone signal – FishSpy does it all.

If the water is too deep, or murky, simply lower your FishSpy to the bottom, record the footage and relay it once you return the device to the surface.

And of course because FishSpy is designed specifically for anglers, it’s dead easy to cast and position, just like a regular carp fishing marker float.


  • Tough outer casing and aerodynamic design
  • Performs at depths of up to 10m
  • 100m range
  • 4 hour battery life
  • Record up to 7 hours of video
  • 640 x 480 resolution video


If you’re anything like the thousands of other anglers who like to upload their videos to share with other fishermen, you’ll have some incredible footage to bring to the party with FishSpy – just watch these feeding tench and carp:

Water Wolf

Here’s a device that started off life as a hobby project. Just like FishSpy, the Water Wolf allows you to record and review the action close to the business end – the hook.

The cam also rigs in-line which is great because, as they say over Carpvid:

“The real magic happens on the last metre of your line.”

Check out this footage on their blog:

So far, so good. The Waterwolf is an excellent addition to your tackle bag.

But now, with FishSpy, we believe they have moved the goalposts. That’s because the live feed we mentioned earlier, streams to a specially designed app on your apple smartphone or tablet, or direct to a browser when using android devises. Not only can you can check your bait is presented properly, and watch live, as that big fish approaches, you can also mark the footage to find it again later.

And don’t forget social media. Never before have you been able to capture the action and relay it to your friends as quickly and easily.


drone in the air

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The drones are here…

Just because you have the option to use hi-tech gadgets, does that mean you should? Fishing is a time-honoured, traditional sport, and some would like to keep it that way. Fox and Mainline Baits consultant, Mark Pitchers, told Anglers Mail:

“I am all for technology but there must be a point at which it stops.” He says of the drone: “I really can’t see the point in this…I for one wouldn’t welcome it on my fishery.”

We agree. For us, the use of drones brings noise and nuisance to the lake side. At the end of the day, your attitude to technology is a personal matter, but when it starts to bother other anglers, that for us, is a no-no.

That’s why in designing FishSpy, they were careful to create a device that adds to your fishing experience, unobtrusively. You won’t bother other anglers with this device, it looks just like a marker float.


For building a 3D image of the lakebed, a fishfinder is hard to beat. As far back as the 1950s, the first anglers began to use sonar technology to locate schools of fish. These days, Fishfinders can feed live images straight into your smartphone or tablet, such as the deeper fishfinder sold at Fishtec.

Take Humminbird’s Smartcast 35, a remote transducer that transmits data to a wrist mounted display. Steve Schweitzer of, leaves no doubt as to its usefulness for revealing ground topography, depth, fish markings and temperature:

“[It’s] one handy device that has already turned my lake fishing into less exploration and more focused fishing.”

But FishSpy offers something different. Perfect for taking a quick look at the lake bed. Ideal for finding a clear spot among the weeds. Over time, FishSpy will help you build a mental picture of what the lake bed looks like. In the short term, it’s great for scoping out the swim.

We believe that with FishSpy, they have finally delivered what anglers have been asking for decades – the ability to see what is happening below the surface, as it’s actually happening. FishSpy gives you the chance to literally, “see what you’re missing”.