Five brilliant home uses for fishing waders

Fishing waders will keep you warm and dry even when you’re waist-high in water; in fact they’re every fisherman’s best friend.

Around the home fishing waders completely useless right? Wrong. Say hello to your flexible friends.

fishing boot planters

Flowering boots

1.Plant Pot

Forget the boring plant pots used for common types like Spider Plants. Posh plants like Yuccas, Dracaenas and Monstera Delicosas want something interesting to stand in. So why not fill your boots with foliage.

2.Toilet Roll Storage

Unless it’s in position to enjoy it’s half-day of fame on the holder, toilet rolls just get in the way. Well there’s one splash-proof place toilet rolls can be stored in abundance and that’s a fishing wader. Nobody will be any wiser — just don’t forget where you’ve put them else it might get messy.

3.Money Box

The small coins need some loving too, so give them a fantastic new home this winter and get yourself a jumbo-sized money box, that will afford you something special when it’s full up.

fishing waders umbrella stand

Fishing waders make good umbrella stands

4.Umbrella Stand

The symbol of domestic bliss and disposable income, the umbrella stand is a favourite for tidy people with good hairstyles. Time to get radical with your furniture and show your friends that your bohemian creativity knows no bounds with an umbrella wader.

5.Hot Water Bottle

In those cold winter months when your hot water bottle isn’t quite warm enough it’s time to bring out the waders. Now we’re not saying fill up your waders with hot water — that would be silly — we’re saying put them on and get in bed. Warm as toast.

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