How can fishing tackle stress?

Stress is something that affects us all. There are lots of ways to beat stress, and getting your fishing tackle out happens to be one of the best.

Read on to discover why and how a day’s fishing could be just the tonic you need.

Peace and quiet

fishing sunset peaceful

Escape the din of modern life and go angling in peace
Source: Contas

Modern life is full of noise, chaos and commotion – no wonder we all feel the strain from time to time. Our ears suffer a cacophony of man-made noise on a daily basis such as loud music, adverts, mobile phones, TV and traffic.

Time spent away from the soundtrack of modern life is a great de-stresser. So the next time you’re feeling uptight, make a move to your favourite peaceful fishing spot.

Back to nature

fishing nature scenic

Surround yourself with nature
Source: Khrizmo

The sights and sounds of nature, on the other hand, can be very relaxing. The sound of running water, birdsong and the rustle of the trees in the breeze are all sounds that connect us to nature and ease our minds.

Sunlight is another great cure for the stresses of life and so is fresh air. In fact, getting out and about in natural light – even on a gloomy winter’s day – will give you more energy and put a spring back in your step.


fishing meditation

Let your mind wander whilst fishing
Source: hjalmeida

Adopting the lotus position and ‘Ohmm’-ing your way through a fishing trip isn’t for everyone. But being outdoors, with only nature and your thoughts to keep you company, is a form of meditation in itself.

Whether you take the time to think through your troubles or dream of your next holiday, it’s good to get lost in your own thoughts and let your mind wander.


Gone fishing

Take time out to go fishing
Source: William Scott

Take the day off and go fishing, leaving the stress and strain of work and home behind you. (Almost) everything can wait a few hours.

Make sure you leave your mobile at home, or go fishing in a mobile signal blackspot. That way nothing can interrupt your rare bit of ‘me time’.


fishing hobby

Fishing is a fantastic hobby
Source: softblue

Taking up a hobby is a great de-stresser. Filling your spare time with activities you enjoy, will help you switch off from the negative things in life.

As pastimes go, fishing offers everything you could want – challenging and relaxing, exhilarating and peaceful – it’s got something for every mood.

Meeting with friends

fishing with friends

Go fishing with friends
Source: Nosnibor137

Maybe sometimes you’d rather have company than fish alone. So why not go on a fishing trip with your mates? Have a laugh, chew the cud, or say nothing all day- whatever works best for you.

Spending time with good friends is a great stress reliever and will cheer you up no end.

Convinced? You should be. There are lots of reasons why fishing is a great way to tackle stress, so sling your hook as often as you can.