The ninja guide to fishing tackle

Legend speaks of a fearless and highly skilled ninja somewhere at large in the wilds of England; a ninja so passionate about fishing that he keeps his fishing tackle with him even when carrying out freelance ninja work in the evenings.

Combining ninja work with fishing is strictly for professionals, but there’s no harm in imagining what a ninja would do with a selection of fishing tackle.

Trip wires

bird fishing line

Clever birds – the ninja’s nemsis

Almost invisible to the naked eye, fishing trip wires are made from super strong fishing line and will surprise even the most careful adversaries. Clever birds may give them away though.

Fishing rod whips

ninja fishing rod

Classic ninja fishing stance

In a the blink of an eye the humble fishing rod is expertly transformed into a whip, that produces a crack so loud that even Indiana Jones wants one.

Throwing hooks

fly fishing hooks

Cunningly disguised ninja hooks

We all know fishing hooks are rather sharp — well imagine them attached to a fluorescent fishing weight and flying through the air like shurikens (throwing stars). Deadly.

Decoy waders


Beware – the old decoy waders trick

You’re walking through the park one morning and you see a brand new pair of waders standing upright on the grass — what do you do? You have a closer look. Wrong move — you fell for the oldest trick in the ninja training manual.

Fishing net traps

fishing net

Fishing nets – the ninja’s flexible friend

The fishing net is a ninja’s flexible friend. Combined with camouflage, a large branch bent backward, and a pair of decoy waders and you’ll be hanging upside down in a web of rope, 50ft from the ground in no time.

Reel Deal

fishing reel

Fishing reel – the ninja’s secret weapon

A specially adapted reel is attached to the ninja’s belt and using strong fishing line and hooks, he is able to abseil down the side of buildings. Some say he can even fly. Now that’s the reel deal.

Umbrella spear

fishing umbrellas

Fishing umbrella or lethal razor-tipped spear?

Excellent for keeping you dry when it’s raining, but when it’s closed this fishing umbrella is turned into a lethal razor-tipped spear. Beware of sunny days.



Bivvies – the ninja’s preferred hideout

There can only be one place where this ninja takes cover, a place that hides him from searchers, a place that keeps him warm and dry. Whisperers say that his hideout is a bivvy. Watch where you step, he’s out there somewhere.

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