Music to tie your fishing tackle to

Sole music – photo by Bjorn Hansen

Someone made a joke about music and fish / fish and music – you know the kind of thing – a bit of banter about hard ‘rock‘ (salmon) and ‘sole‘ – so we thought we’d see just how far we could take it. Stand by to cringe….as we bring you a ‘tuna’ or two.

Picture yourself on the river bank setting up your required fishing tackle. Just before you decide what to put on the end of your line you decide to peer over the bank – with all the rain we’ve had, you’re sure to be fishing ‘Muddy Waters’ – unless of course there’s been a ‘Clear Water Revival’.

You get out your ipod and scroll through some of your favorite artists – but what will you go for? A bit of ‘Eel’ Young perhaps? Or how about some ‘Skate’ Bush?

Maybe the blues is your thing – Howling Wolf with Smokestack ‘Whiting?’ Or Eric Clapton and ‘Bream’?

Or to bring things right up to date, how about the Arctic ‘Monk’ies?

No OK then – you’re going to go for the King himself, ‘Elver’ Presley ( I did warn you).

They’re coming think and fast now….some great songs; Squeeze – Cool for ‘Catfish’, Ray Charles, Suzi Quatro (and many others) – Hit the road ‘Skipjack’, The Hollies – He ain’t Heavy, he’s my ‘Flounder’, ‘Sam & Dave – ‘Sole’ Man, ‘Perch’y Sledge – When a Man loves a ‘Trout’, Motorhead – ‘Dace’ of Spades, Bruce Springsteen – ‘Prawn’ in the USA….enough, enough!

Alright time to go – but wait, what’s that I hear? The national anthem – ahem – Be upstanding ladies and gentlemen, for ‘Cod’ save the Queen.

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