Fishing tackle can boost your IQ

fish brain food

Fish is brilliant brain food

Need an excuse to go fishing? Catching – and eating fish can have a positive physical effect on your whole body and in particular your brain.

Fish helps to protect you from illness, injury and the effects of aging. Read on for compelling reasons to grab your fishing rods and head for the nearest pond, river or beach.

Neanderthal diet no nos

A humanoid creature that died out when the going got tough, the Neanderthal’s diet proved its undoing. A study of Neanderthal bones by the university of Washington discovered that our extinct cousins feasted largely on red meat – whereas early humans preferred fish and seafood. The result of munching our way through mountains of nutritious, fishy goodness was that we grew bigger brains and went on to flourish as a species.

Fat head

fat brain

Fish makes you think better

Around two thirds of the contents of your head is fat. Quite simply, eating a diet that’s too heavy on animal fats, makes you thick. If your body doesn’t have access to the fish, nut and veg oils needed to build and maintain a decent brain, it uses other types of fat that aren’t ideal for the purpose. The result is that the electrical conductivity of your brain cells is reduced – you won’t be able to think as well as someone who eats lots of fish.

Put your coat on

Myelin is the protective covering that prevents damage to your brain’s information transmitters – neurons. To keep your coating in tip top condition – you need omega 3 fatty acids that come from oily fish. Failure to fish for trout, salmon, mackerel or herring means that you won’t reach your potential. Your brain will age quicker too leaving you at increased risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Keeping positive

Happy Fisherman

Fishing – it makes you happy

Feel like you’re always swimming upstream? Could be that you’re not going fishing often enough. Research has shown that a lack of fishy, fatty acids in the diet has a direct and significant impact on our mental health. Sceptical? Well, scientists have discovered that rates of depression in Europe and North America (where we eat too much junk food) are ten times higher than in happy Taiwan where fish is at the top of the menu.

Have clever children

If you want to increase the chances of producing a genius to look after you in your old age, make sure that you go fishing regularly. Provide the lady in your life with plenty of fish and kids will develop healthy brains. The quality of breast milk will be much improved too, helping to give your progeny the best start in life.

Let’s face it – few fishing enthusiasts need an excuse to head for the water – but you never know when a loved one will need convincing. We hope even the most resistant partner will find this evidence hard to ignore!