Best ways to spend a tenner in a fishing shop

There are all manner of high-tech fishing goodies you could spend your life savings on. But sometimes, it’s all about keeping it simple and doing the basics well.

You can still catch your dinner with just feathers and a fishing line if you know your stuff. So next time you visit the fishing shop, see how far you can stretch a £10 note.


Good line = good fishing

Good line = good fishing
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Along with hooks, the type of fishing line used can greatly affect your chances of making a catch. If you’re fishing in rough waters, you’ll need a thick, durable line, whereas a thinner fishing line is preferable if you’re fishing in a clear, quiet lake and don’t want to alert the fish.

And you’ll always need extra line in your tackle box as there’s always some jagged rock or piece of rubbish just waiting to break your line (and heart) at a key moment.


Planning an all day session out in your favourite fishing spot? Lunch and drinks are packed, you’ve got plenty of fishing gear, bevvies and bivvy. Sounds like the perfect day. Only you return home the next morning in pain with a face redder than an angry octopus.

Sunscreen is one of those easy things to forget, but even in the oft-sunless landscape known as the UK, the sun can still damage your skin if you’re out all day. It’s technically not fishing gear, but it’s in a fishing shop, so stretch that tenner.


For the well-practiced fishermen, it’s important to have a selection of hooks in a range of sizes from the traditional J-hook to the French hook.

You don’t want to be using monster hooks to catch tiddlers — so stock up your tackle box with a variety of hooks and you’ll be ready for any type and size of fish.


fishing flies

A variety of fishing flies
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They come in all shapes and sizes with funny names (no, not jelly beans or real ales), but flies. Fishing flies are affordable and you can never have too many.

Different fishing spots breed different types of fish and so you’ll need to change your flies to improve your chances of catching them. See how many you can get for a tenner — sounds like the start of a global challenge.

Live bait

Live fishing bait

Live fishing bait
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“Half a pound of the wiggling ones, please …” Depending on what style of fishing you’re planning for the day, you may require some live bait like worms or maggots.

Unless your local fishing shop is importing exotic maggots from somewhere far away, you should be able to afford more than enough bait and still have money left over for something else in the next paragraph.

Bargain bin

Fishing sale

Hooked on bargains
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Everybody loves a bargain bin, so close your eyes and dig in. You never know what you might find. When there’s a sale on anything is possible and your tenner may hook you in something (like a rod!) that may be too big for your tackle box.

This of course depends on two factors — how big your tackle box actually is, and how desperate your local fishing shop is to unload the old stock. Either way, your tenner and some bartering should make an impact in the bargain bin.