Fishing rods and fly traps – pet hates of the animal world

Life sure is easy at the top of the food chain, we just take what we want when we want it.

Though it’s a different story if you’re further down the pecking order as every meal and tasty-looking temptation usually triggers some kind of sneaky trap turning the scavenger into the scavenged.

If you’re ever starving and stuck for a meal, there’s some real simple, but clever ways of catching food:

Fishing Rod

The fishing rod may look fairly reasonable, but it’s every fish’s nightmare. An innocent-looking maggot or a tasty tidbit bobbling just below the water’s surface gets most fish excited, but the sharp hook and strong rod will have them by a fisherman’s feet in seconds. Never underestimate fishing rods, but do make sure you’ve a strong one for the big fish.

Fly Bottle Trap

There’s a few variations of this trap, but all you really need is a glass bottle with a black top and some bait. Once flies enter the bottle via a small hole in the black top they are unable to escape because their own Phototaxis leads them anywhere in the bottle except to the darker exit. We know you can’t eat flies, but this will stop them harassing you when you’re fishing.

Native American Indian Fish Trap

Bait is placed inside a cage of twigs close to the shore. The fish enters, but cannot find it’s way out and will remain still until somebody grabs it and takes it out of the water. Simples.

Squirrel Trap

You’ll need an axe, some wood and a tasty-looking mushroom to make this squirrel trap. But don’t take our word for it, listen to Ray Mears. Legend.


The slingshot is an effective and legal way of catching small rodents and birds. Prey is lured out into the open with bait and becomes and easy target for the slingshot. It’s also easy to make as this video demonstrates. A most handy accessory for camping trips.