I lost 24Ibs on the fishing rod diet

fishing rod diet

Lose weight with the fishing rod diet
Photo by Adrian Clark

There are more diets out there than supermarkets. That’s a lot of diets. The world is diet-mad.

The temptation of celebrity-endorsed, low fat, low calorie, low carb, detox diets has been too much to resist. Every man, woman and child is feasting themselves silly on the shiny torsos of magazine demigods and starting intensive 6-month dieting regimes lasting all of, ahem, 6 days.

Whilst thinking of all those failed diets, I lost 24Ibs on the fishing rod diet.

sunrise seagull

An early rise on the fishing rod diet
Photo by Wayne Thume

Early to rise

A hearty English breakfast gets the brain working and the metabolism firing. Ready a packed lunch: sandwich, two bananas, biscuit and a big bottle of water. Load the fishing rod and kit into car.

Haul the fishing gear

Walking, with your fishing gear
Photo by Samuel Stocker


After driving to within half a mile of the fishing spot, unload car and carry kit to the spot. Good bit of early morning exercise.

sunset fishing

Sunset fishing eases stress
Photo by Basil Gloo


Set up kit and watch the sunrise. Uplifting to feel at one with nature. Peaceful and relaxing experience, increasing general well-being and grounding self.


Avoid temptations whilst fishing
Photo by Fred


Being away from the TV and affective advertising prevents any impulses being stirred. There is less cravings for food if there isn’t any seductive adverts. The fridge is miles away too.

diet food

Avoid snacking
Photo by Pearl Pirie

Savour lunch

Eat lunch at 12pm. With no other food around this stops constant snacking and helps to regulate the metabolism.

fish wrestling

Fish wrestling
Photo by Ben Brown


Catching fish is good exercise. The excitement of something taking the bait, raises the pulse and burns fat. If it’s a big fish, the wrestle is also good exercise.

fish supper

Fish supper
Photo by Stephen Rees

The reward

After packing up the kit and walking back to the car, the reward for an enjoyable day fishing is a fresh fish for supper (accompanied with potatoes and vegetables). The fishing rod diet rocks.