Fishing reels and other subjects to avoid on a first date

first date

Avoid certain subjects when fishing for love
Photo: IT Thing

First dates are exciting occasions and can potentially change your life.

They can also be very uncomfortable, like a job interview — especially if you start talking about things you shouldn’t really talk about.

Here are some rocky subjects to avoid if you’re fishing for love.

Fishing reels

fishing reels

Don’t talk about fishing reels on a first date
Photo: Fishtec

Your new stunning Airflow V-lite fishing reels might just be the talk of the Fisherman’s Arms and stop anything that moves in the water, but just don’t talk about it on a first date. Unless you want to be told to ‘sling your hook’.



Don’t talk about stuffing animals on a first date
Photo: Wthirdpower

The art of preparing, stuffing and mounting the skins of animals with lifelike effect is indeed one of the more alternative hobbies. But it might not be the best thing to bring up over an intimate Sunday roast for two. Get stuffed!

Stamp Collecting

stamp collection

Don’t talk about personal licking addictions on a first date
Photo: Collectiblesxgifts

Talking about the world’s rarest stamps can be an engrossing subject and collecting can become a lifetime obsession once you get started. It’s not exactly a passion stoker though and first dates won’t want to hear about what you lick in your spare time.



Don’t talk about train numbers on a first date
Photo: Al Crowcombe

If organizing a first date at the Paddington Station cafe hadn’t already started the alarm bells ringing, then turning up wearing an anorak and binoculars should do the trick. First class to Singleton, please.



Don’t talk about kids and marriage on a first date
Photo: Favim

Stating that you’re really looking forward to getting married, buying a semi-detached house in Suburbia and having lots of pets and children is about the scariest thing you could start talking about on a first date. Don’t be surprised if the bill arrives before the starters.

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