Fishing apps to help you reel ’em in

Once upon a time, local knowledge was a closely guarded secret.

But now fishing wisdom accumulated through the ages is available via the super computer in your pocket. Thereby turning anyone with a rod, fishing reel and smartphone into an expert.

Here is our guide to some of the best fishing apps out there, helping you to harness technology and keep reeling ‘em in.

Fish Forecast

Secret weapon - the Fish Forecast app

Secret weapon – the Fish Forecast app
Source: iAngler

This clever iPhone app tells you where to fish, which species to target and even suggests what tackle setup to use.

It combines several key factors impacting on fish feeding and set up patterns, to produce what they think will be a winning strategy. As well as that, the weather forecast and phases of the moon are integrated with expertise provided by angling experts, meaning you need never think for yourself again!

Every day you’ll get three different fishing options that best match the conditions, together with advice about rigs, baits and tactics.

Priced at £2.99, we feel sorry for the fish.

What Fish

Where to find your fish

Identify your catch
Source: iTunes

A comprehensive resource for sea anglers, What Fish boasts a 164 fish strong identification index. Whilst the app will help you to correctly identify your catch, it is much more than just a fish identification tool. You’ll also be able to access useful information such as minimum catch size, specimen shore and boat weights. Detailed maps show where target fish are likely to be swimming.

Add to that suggestions about baits and rigs that work best from different locations such as shore, boat and kayak. And as if that wasn’t enough, there are even recipes so that you can cook your catch to perfection when you get home.

An impressive amount of info for £1.99 and available for both iPhone and Android.

Fish Here

Where to find your fish

Where to find your fish
Source: Twitter

A wealth of information for anglers, you can use this app to save time locating the perfect fishery. Using your phone’s GPS, no matter where you are, you’ll be able to see where the fishing spots are in your area. Better yet, they’re rated so you won’t waste valuable angling time trying to find a decent spot.

The data on offer is comprehensive – with over 2,800 coarse and game venues listed. You can also access the five day weather forecast and lunar calendar and interact with other coarse and game fishing enthusiasts. This encyclopedic app also includes over 1,000 fishing tackle shops.

A serious amount of knowledge to keep in your pocket with member deals and discounts to boot. £1.99 from iTunes.

Carp Lake Maps

Carp Lake Maps App

Carp Lake Maps App
Source: iTunes

Ideal for those crossing the channel to France in search of specimen carp, this app offers clear maps that detail features of lake beds, to help you maximise your strike rate. Whilst it doesn’t have a vast number of lakes as of yet, there is plenty of scope for future inclusions.

Bought individually, the maps would total £54 but the phone app costs just £2.99 and is available to iPhone and Android platforms. Bargain! So if you’re likely to fish any of the locations featured it surely makes sense to download the app. If you’re a keen angler and want to see some new features, Carplakes are looking for new suggestions to add.

Wreck Finder

Discover what lies beneath the watery depths

Discover what lies beneath the watery depths
Source: iTunes

A favourite with us, wreckfinder has been developed by Cornish company, App Future, to help anglers and divers locate wrecks at sea. Data from the UK Hydrographic Office is integrated with Google maps to give the location of 12,000 wrecks in UK and Irish coastal waters. And you don’t even need to have a phone signal to use it either, as all the locations are downloaded with the app.

Where possible additional information about the wreck is included and all co-ordinates can be input into other electronic navigational aids. Your phone’s GPS also gives your location in relation to the wreck sites in your sea area.

A great concept and one we’re sure will be a hit with sea anglers everywhere.

£3.99 and available for iPhone and Android.
Found a fishing app that you think is a star performer? Why not let us know so we can review it?