Dreaming about fishing equipment?

Dreaming about fishing is inevitable if you’re a keen angler, but do your dreams hide a real life lesson?

Here we dip beneath the surface, hooking out the significance of your fishing equipment choices and the true meaning of fishing dreams.

Read on for our mystic guide to the secrets of your fishy slumbers.

Fishing dreams

Fishing related dreams are widely thought to represent the human subconscious.

Dream about fishing and you’re penetrating the surface of your thoughts in search of new insights, concepts, and ideas.

Similarly if you catch a fish, you’re bringing these thoughts to the surface, addressing issues that are important to you.

Fishing rod dreams

Most fishing equipment in dreams refers to preparation for a delve deeper into the subconscious.

A sort of mental and spiritual clearing of the decks, for what is to follow – greater understanding and self knowledge.

But beware of dreams about fish hooks, as they may represent trickery – remove the scales from your eyes and be alert to any fishy business.

Fish dreams

The fish itself is an ancient symbol of fertility, and as such is frequently associated with female deities.

The Christian ritual of eating fish on a Friday, actually dates to earlier times, when the practise paid tribute to the Scandinavian goddess, Freya, from whom comes our favourite day of the week – Friday.

A woman who dreams of swimming fish may be pregnant, and the appearance of fish eggs may well represent new beginnings – perhaps the pitter patter of tiny feet.

Dreaming of fish food?

The preparation and consumption of fish in dreams is thought to relate to the incorporation of new insights into one’s identity. In this sense, fish represent fresh energy, and spiritual nourishment.

Similarly, the cooking of fish is all about preparing to restock your mind and spirit’s batteries.

Dead fish dreams

Don’t worry too much if your dreams are filled with stinking, dead fish. It could represent the loss of money, power or fertility, but equally, such a dream could simply mean the end of one chapter in your life and the beginning of another.

All in all, dreams about fish and fishing are overwhelmingly positive. Whether you believe in dream interpretation or think it’s complete nonsense, at the very least, you’ll be inspired to grab your fishing equipment and head for the nearest riverbank. And if you fail to catch – well you can always dream of a biggun, nextime.