Dogs in fishing clothing

Fishing fashion for our furry friends is essential for safety, comfort and a bit of a giggle.

Fishing clothing for our canine companions come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny fashionable waterproofs to giant fluorescent life jackets.

Here’s a fishing fashion photo shoot for your amusement:

dog sea fishing jacket

Tom’s dog sporting a lightweight fishing jacket with carry handle
Photo by Alex Laurie

sea fishing dog

Wilby ‘The Fish Finder’ in a practical red jacket
Photo by Jen DeVere Warner

waterproof fishing coat

Jax wearing a waterproof fishing coat
Photo by Eco Pup

fishing jacket

Tonga shows off her fashionable fishing jacket
Photo by Margaret Hill

dog fishing waterproofs

Howler fashions his full waterproof look
Photo by Mike C Peck

dog red fishing jacket

Nala in a racy red raincoat
Photo by Deborah Hustic

waterproof coat

Wonder in her radiant waterproof coat
Photo by Peter Jackson

lifejacket dog

Honey the rescue dog in designer lifejacket
Photo by Florida Fish and Wildlife

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