Turn Over Dries

Turn Over Dries

I started flyfishing about 18 months ago, mainly using lures and a floating line. Now I am trying to use dry flies, but I am finding presentation a struggle. Is there any other fly line I should use?
Rob Nixon

Rob Edmunds replies: As long as your line is matched to your rod (by that I mean correctly balanced so a seven-weight line should be used on a six or seven weight rod or it won’t load correctly and casting will be difficult), then a floating line should be fine for nymphs and dries.

To help with presentation, I would advise that you firstly shorten your leader to 10-foot with a single fly. This should turn over easily and reduce tangles. Then, as your casting improves, you can progress to two flies and slightly longer leaders. Try a dropper at seven foot and the point fly at 14 foot. This should cover you for most situations and conditions.

If you intend to fish rivers then you will undoubtedly be using much smaller flies for smaller fish than in reservoirs and stillwaters, so you should scale down your fly fishing tackle accordingly. I find a 4wt rod and fly line suitable for most rivers.

Reprinted with permission of Trout Fisherman magazine.