Put Some Order in Your Fly Boxes

Put Some Order in Your Fly Boxes

How can I organise my flies in their boxes in such a way to avoid the confusion of what to choose?
John Grimes

Peter Cockwill replies: This is a never-ending question and the larger your collection of flies becomes the tougher it gets to organise into groups. But most usefully it pays to split your flies into dries, wets, nymphs and lures. Then you can further divide your selections into size and even weight (for the sinking patterns) and then into river or stillwater patterns.

Get someone with serious knowledge such as a fishery manager, instructor or fly tyer, to give you a hand. If you are really lucky they will name the flies for you too! I often do that here in the shop and write the fly names out on paper as they are set in the box, but always with the proviso that there will be a written test in a week’s time!

Reprinted with permission of Trout Fisherman magazine.