Fishing Rods for Children

Fishing Rods for the Young

My nine-year-old son wants to go trout fishing. What equipment should I buy him to start with, bearing in mind most of our fishing will be on a reservoir in a boat?
Nigel Tranter

Hywel Morgan replies: To start with make sure that you do kit him out with a suitable fishing rod, as far too often I see youngsters being taught with fishing rods that are too heavy and too long for them. I suggest a nine-foot 5wt would be ideal as he will be able to learn the casting without getting too tired.

Make sure you kit out a youngster with a fly rod that is not to heavy for them.

Make sure you kit out a youngster with a fly rod that is not too heavy for them.

I would also suggest that you book him in for a lesson (one hour would be fine) just to learn the basics. Practice should be then done on grass and what I do with both my own children is to place targets out so we have a little competition to see who can get the wool into the targets the quickest.

Although you are going to be boat fishing most of the time I would still go for the nine-foot fly rod even though it’s a bit short for boat fishing. It’s what he will be able to handle and fish with, without getting tired.

Reprinted with permission of Trout Fisherman magazine.