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Fishtec have a number of magazine reviews and articles available from fishermen around the world, who share their experiences, fishing tips and generally share their view on how they get the best from their days fishing. Click any of the links below to read these articles, or take a look at our Fishtec Blog, which features articles from fishing experts such Alan Yates, Kieron Jenkins, Ceri Thomas, Dave Lane and Steffan Jones, along with articles and tips from our in-house specialists.

We’re always adding new articles, and have recently added some sea fishing information from Alan Yates to compliment our new range of Sea Fishing Tackle. We’re currently adding the details of Fly Fishing Instructors from across the British Isles; if you’re an instructor who’d like to add themselves to our directory (for free), take a look at the article here.

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Do you have fishing stories that you’d like to share with our customers? Any hints and tips that you’d like to pass on to the fishing community?

Fishtec are looking for authors who would like to see their work published here on the Fishtec site and on our Blog. Take a look at the articles below, and visit our Fishtec Blog to get a feel for the kind of articles we’re looking for.

Our fishing experts are eagerly awaiting your submission. And, if they think your article is the best they’ve received that month, they’ll happily award you with £50 worth of Fishtec Gift Vouchers to spend here at our online store.

So, if you’re a budding author and keen to tell us about your fishing adventures, send your article to . We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Fishing Articles

Articles from Steffan Jones

Sea Trout Fishing Sea Trout Flies Cat Gut Fly Tying
Grayling Fishing in Wales Late Season Sewin Fishing


Articles from Trout Fisherman Magazine

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Reach Out with a Long Handle New Zealand Method
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Present Natural Looking Flies Smooth Running Snakes
Rod and Line Ratings Fishing Rods for the Young
Shooting Heads Where the wind blows
What A Picture! Sight Rules Over Smell
Spot The Temperature Trends Stagger Your Taper
Starters Guide to Sinking Lines Stress Free Hook Removal
Taper for Good Turnover Tight Knot Points to Team Success
Timing Counts with Dry Flies World Champion’s Winning Tips
Tip Action Fishing Rods Turn Over Dries
AFTM Line Scale What A Picture!