Fish Art

Fishing is an art in itself, but how about fishing art? Investing in a piece of angling related art work is about more than buying a painting or print to decorate a wall.

The artwork you choose to display at home reflects your character and passion. And let’s face it, when you’re stuck at home, your fishing gear packed away in the cupboard, fishing art keeps you connected to your favourite sport.

But what do you buy? To help you answer that question, here we profile some of today’s most admired angling and fishing artists.

David Miller

David Miller

Image source: David Miller
Before painting, David videos his subjects underwater.

The stunning images of fish that decorate the Environment Agency’s credit card style fishing rod licence are the work of prolific nature artist, David Miller. Stunned by the lifelike representation of fish in his paintings? David snorkels and dives in rivers and gravel pits, using photography and video to capture images of his subjects in their natural environment. It’s an astonishing level of dedication that helps him achieve a mastery of his art that’s hard to match.

One of the contemporary top fishing painters, his work is well sought after with a growing national and international reputation. Prices for original oils start at around £450. A print costs between £60 and £90 and can be supplied mounted for an extra fee. Check out his website for more details.

Karen Sarkar

Karen Sarkar

Image source: Karen Sarkar
Want your catch immortalised in paint? Karen takes commissions!

It’s the essence of her subjects that Karen Sarkar tries to capture in her work, and as a keen angler, her fish paintings do just that. Highly collectable and appearing in fine art publications, her paintings in oil place her among the top angling artists in the country. Caught the fish of your life? Karen takes commissions  – what better way to remember that special moment?

If you’d like to own a piece of art by Karen, visit her website to find out more.

Chris Turnbull

Chris Turnbull

Image source: Chris Turnbull
Chris has been creating fish fine art since the ’80s!

“Beneath the ripples, the glare and reflections, is another world not seen by many. Come, let us go there!”

So says artist Chris Turnbull, and we think you’ll agree that his art really does capture the beauty and mystery that lies beneath the water’s surface.

‘Roach: the Gentle Giant’ and ‘In Visible Waters’, by John Bailey, ‘The Angler’s Guide to Freshwater Fish’ by John Wilson and ‘Mammoth Pike’, by Neville Fickling – are among the many publications to have featured art by Chris Turnbull. Immensely experienced, and a true master of his art, Chris has been producing fine art representations of fish in their underwater habitat since the 1980s.

Interested in buying one of his original works? Get in touch for a price. A3 Giclee prints are £78, A4 £65.

Carl Ellis

Carl Ellis

Image source: Carl Ellis
Carl’s lifelike flickers and flashes of fish.

Movement, expression and immediacy are the hallmarks of paintings and drawings by Carl Ellis. A member of the Society of Wildlife Artists since 2001, his work is collected all  over the world. Catching sticklebacks in the canal near his Liverpool home sparked Carl’s lifelong interest in fish, an interest that developed alongside his passion for drawing and painting.

Applying oil paint using wax pastels, erasers and even his fingers, Carl’s unique paintings offer glimpses of fish as you would see them in life. His works catch that glimmer beneath the surface, the swish of a tail, the flicker and flash of the shoal in a way that makes his paintings a truly immersive experience.

Contact Carl via his website for prices and availability.

Susie Ray

Susie Ray

Image source: Susie Ray
Susie uses 18th century techniques to create distinctive sea-life imprints.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Japanese fishermen used edible ink and rice paper to produce ‘rubbings’ of prize catches and unusual finds. Now that technique has been revived in Cornwall by artist Susie Ray. Using oil paints and cotton cloth, Susie captures the imprint of fish, shellfish and crustaceans. By scanning the results into digital format, she is able to produce high quality prints – with no fishy odor!

Unique reproductions of prawns, crabs, squid, mackerel to name but few, Susies work offers a truly fascinating and novel way to look at fish and other marine species, enabling the viewer to see in minute detail the texture and detail of the creature’s skin or shell.

Susie sells through the Padstow Mussel Co. And as well as beautiful prints produces fish rubbings on ceramics. Prices for prints range from £29 – £58.

If you’re an artist that paints fish, get in touch in the comment section below and we’ll do a review!