Fifteen Fantastic Fishing Gifs

That quick snippet of life, the animated gif is a great way of capturing a unique moment and this collection is guaranteed to leave you chuckling. So grab a drink, sit back and prepare to be amused as we share some of our fishy favourites.

Shocking encounters

Creepy crawly catch

what's coming from this fish's mouth?

Image source:

James Green of drowning worms, where this also appears, is still trying to identify the star of this gruesome gif:

“Can anyone help us identify this horrible creepy crawly, which almost makes this angler jump out of his skin?”

If you know the identity of this alien invader, let us know!

Cap stealing carp

angler loses hat to flying carp

Image source: World Fishing Network

Suncream? Check. Flask? Check. This guy knows that preparation is key to enjoying a day on the river. Unfortunately, nothing can prepare you for having your sunhat sabotaged by an Asian jumping carp! Impressive flying for a fish!

Fancy a swim?

angler gets washed off harbour wall by wave

Image source: wideopenspaces

This avid angler can wave farewell to his fishing rod (and his dignity)! Is he brave or foolish? You decide!

Fish hook horror

fisherman stabbing himself with fish hooks to demonstrate removal

Image source: newsFlow24

The wise angler never forgets that fishhooks are very sharp. Virginia Kruta at agrees:

“The tiniest of distractions — or an errant cast of the rod — could leave one lodged in your skin. “

But if you do find yourself in this predicament, the experts at Total Fisherman advise you to push the hook in until the barb exits the skin, cut the barb off or flatten it and then back the hook out the way it came in.

You can view the whole process on YouTube, but beware, this video is not for the faint-hearted fisherman!

Tipping point

two anglers and a tipping bench. one angler falls and gets wet

Image source: Giphy

The moral of this fishing fail? Select your seat with care! This unlucky angler’s pal is completely oblivious to his friend’s predicament until he hears the splash!

Alternative angling

3D fishing

fish caught with 3d printed fishing reel

Image source:

Wondering why Casey Johnson’s fishing kit caught our eye? Incredibly, the whole caboodle was created by a 3d printer!  Casey used AutoCAD to design his three piece rod and fishing reel.

“The whole thing went from an idea to actually catching fish in one day, which is pretty neat.”

Helicopter Hero

man catches fish from helicopter

Image source: Salt strong

This is what we call angling with attitude! The gif shows New Zealand’s extreme angler Matt Watson jumping from a helicopter to catch a marlin. Matt was a big game fisherman before he discovered his talent for daring stunts, which have also included catching marlin from a surfboard and a jet ski. We wouldn’t recommend this as a hobby!

Cool hand fluke


Image source: Drowning worms

You have to hand it to this guy. Using just his bare hands and presumably a tasty treat, he manages to catch a bass and bring it up out of the water. We’d love to know his secret.

Angling Aussie style

Hunting Fish with a Boomerang

This poor fish was knocked on the noggin by a boomerang! What was this Aussie-style angler thinking? His aim’s pretty impressive but this is one boomerang that won’t be coming back!

Spear fishing scare

goliath grouper steals catch

Image source: drowning worms

This spear fisherman doesn’t stand a chance of keeping his catch when a hungry Goliath grouper appears. If you’re wondering about the name, these fearless fish can weigh up to 800 pounds and grow up to three metres long!

Awesome animal anglers

Salmon snack stop

bear catches leaping salmon

Image source: Giphy

Every summer brown bears take the opportunity to hunt for salmon migrating up the rivers of north America and Russia. This gif captures the bear’s speedy reflexes as he snags the fish with the front of his mouth before carrying it to shore.

Sheep shove

sheep butting angler

Image source: cheezburger

It’s behind ewe! A sheep’s the last thing you’d expect to see on a riverbank while you’re fishing.This one obviously couldn’t resist temptation! We love the way the sheep carefully gets into position before taking a run up.

Speedy sea lion

sea lion steals anglers catch

Image source: Drowning worms

The speedy sea lion in this gif is clearly a canny angler with an appetite! We couldn’t help chuckling at the look of amused disbelief on the angler’s face as he realises his dorado has disappeared!

Underwater attack

kingfisher catches fish underwater shot

Image source: drowning worms

James Green of drowning worms often fancies being fish for a day. But not on this occasion, as the fish in question falls victim to an aerial attack.

“Although I’d love to be able to breath underwater (imagine!), there are certain times that I’m glad I’m not a fish. And this is definitely one of them…”

Panicking pooch

fisherman falls, dog trapped in net

Image source: Giphy

This unsuspecting pooch falls victim to a clumsy angler and ends up in a net. Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to bring the dog on a fishing trip?

Feathered fishing

kingfisher dives into water

Image source: tumblr

This creator of this gorgeous gif captures the grace and speed of the Kingfisher as it dives towards its catch. A majestic moment that deserves to be animated! If you want to see further steps, you can catch them at on tumblr, where the whole sequence is broken down into four amazing segments.

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