Festive uses for fishing tackle

Merry Christmas everyone! ‘Tis the season to be jolly, so crank up Cliff Richard on the radio, tuck into some mince pies and bring out the fishing tackle.

That’s right, we said fishing tackle. Believe us, your angling gear has some amazing uses around the festive season and it will help your Christmas run like clockwork.

Fishing net stockings

Fishing Net Stockings

Fishing net Christmas stockings
Photo by Andrew Malone

Not to be confused with the attire of ladies, fishing nets are incredibly useful for storing children’s presents under the tree. Unlike the tiny stockings pictured, they can hold lots and lots of presents.

Christmas card lines

christmas cards fishing line

Christmas cards fishing line
Photo by Mark Turner

String can’t be relied on especially when you’re popular around the neighbourhood and receive tons of Christmas cards. What you need is something you can rely on to display all those cards without buckling under the pressure of popularity. Fishing line is your friend this Christmas.

Christmas tree decorations

fishing christmas tree decoration

Fishy Xmas tree decorations
Photo by Olaf Gradin

Yes, everybody likes to see a good bauble sparkling on the tree, but this year it’s time to spice up your decorations. Monster Blob Tango Flies along the mantlepiece, some Mini Glo Bugs around the walls and Super Minkies will do for the tree. Proper job.

Present wrapping tackle box

xmas fishing tackle box

Xmas fishing tackle box
Photo by Hans van de Bruggen

Be the talk of the wrapping community with your own wrapping station. With all its compartments and drawers, the humble fishing tackle box is the ideal companion for keeping your Sellotape, scissors, ribbons, paper and other wrapping paraphernalia well organised.

Christmas light holders

festive fishing tackle decorations

Christmas light holders
Photo by Luz Adriana Villa

With a bit of fishing wire and some hooks, there’s no limit as to where you can hang the lights this Christmas. Just be careful when you’re climbing telephone poles.

Extended family Christmas chair

fishing chair cat

Extended family fishing chair
Photo by Alex Goodey

At Christmas time, extended family members tend to come out of the woodwork and, before you know it, your favourite armchair has been taken just before the Queen’s speech is about to start. Fear not, the flexible, folding fisherman’s chair is always on the horizon to save the day and will even hold your brew.

Snow waders

Wading in snow - Times Square

Wading in snow – Times Square
Photo by Dan Nguyen

Waders are king when it comes to outdoor activities in the snow. Test frozen ice for your friends, roll down snowy hills without getting wet and deflect snowballs like a superhero in Times Square (if you’re in New York).

Emergency rod of dreams

Santa chimney

Santa dropping presents down the chimney
Photo by Daniel Orth

Whether it’s placing the angel on a very tall tree or proving to the young ones that Santa is on the roof dropping presents down the chimney (cue somebody on the roof with rod and reel), the fishing rod is capable of magic things at Christmas time.

And when it’s all over and everything is packed away … it’s time to go fishing. But don’t forget your festive fishing tackle.