Extreme Angling: The fight of your life for the catch of the day

Man walking on jagged rocks

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How far would you go for a fish?

How far would you go to get the perfect catch? Will you face dangerous beasts, high wires, bossy bailiffs, starvation and loneliness?

Here’s a look at some fishermen who’ve done all that, and more. Check out our collection of dedicated anglers who’ll stop at nothing to reel in the best catch they can.

1. Catching an 111 llb tuna from a kayak

Image source: Shutterstock Battling tuna off Hawaii’s fabled Kona Coast

Image source: Shutterstock
Battling tuna off Hawaii’s fabled Kona Coast

Jon Schwartz, a professional fishing / travel writer and photographer was looking for a fight to the death when he set out to catch the biggest tuna he could possibly find… from a kayak. Ultimately, it took him three days to find a worthy opponent – an 111 llb tuna!

Once the mammoth creature had taken the bait, reeling it in was no simple matter. Unfortunately, Jon quickly realised that his line had tangled up – and the fish had yet to surface. Just as he was about to give up hope, the tuna popped up just 7ft away. Grabbing a spear, Jon stabbed it in the head, anticipating his victory… but to no avail.

Desperately trying to think of a better way to beat the beast, he reached for a gaff and plunged it into its flesh. Despite two large wounds, the tuna fought on aggressively, dragging the kayak quite a distance before finally giving up. The entire battle lasted an epic ten minutes but, according to Jon, was completely worth it!

2. Facing nature’s most terrifying monsters

Crocodile on mud bank

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Keep an eye out for the crocs in Costa Rica

On a fishing expedition in Costa Rica, a young man, his dad, his brother and a fearless tour guide went searching for some monster snook. The only problem was that in order to find the elusive fish, the group had to trek through pastures slithering with snakes and cross wading pools filled with crocodiles. The crocs were so close that they literally looked the men in the eye as they passed.

No word as to whether or not they eventually managed to get their hands on that perfect catch, but we’re sure that the excursion was an adventure to remember!

3. Risking your life to get to your favourite fishing spot

Most of these stories are about fishermen risking everything out of pure ambition and an undying love for the sport. However, there are indeed many anglers out there who risk their lives to fish for survival.

Laos fisherman, Sam Niang, for example, takes his life into his hands every day during flood season to get to the best possible fishing spot. He crosses a high wire made out of cable and wire that he installed himself. The wire runs above sharp rocks and tumultuous seas, so one wrong move would mean certain death for Sam.

4. The strange rules of Northern Stillwater

Man holding carp rod

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Careful how you go at some British fishing spots

It’s said that there are a few selfish fishermen who have settled in at Northern Stillwater. They’re apparently doing everything in their power to keep other fishermen from infiltrating ‘their spot’, with untruths about catches and quirky rules.

What about those brave anglers who still opt to try their luck? There’s a club book with over fifty rules to observe, so they need to be careful… Pretty hardcore!

5. Fishing for survival: Ceri’s story

snowy lake

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A snowy Sparks Lake

After carefully planning an exciting fishing trip to Oregon, everything went wrong for Fishtec’s own Ceri Thomas and his fishing pal, Adam Lloyd.

The first set-back was the unexpected heavy September snowfall shortly after they arrived. Neither angler had planned for a change in weather such as this, so were rather ill-prepared to deal with the freezing temperatures. Forced to wear every single item of extra clothing they brought to try to keep warm, they even slept in their waders.

Despite the bad start, they made the trek to Sparks Lake in the morning with a positive attitude and plenty of ambition – only to find that the lake was totally dry. In an effort to salvage their trip, our intrepid anglers decided to venture further in the blistering cold to try to find another place to fish.

Walking for miles to fish the Green Lakes at 9,000 feet, and burning calories fast, their supplies ran out. The only available food they had to survive on was the brook trout that Ceri caught, dispatched, and passed to Adam, who had a pot of boiling water ready.

Thankfully, after a few days the group managed to hitch a ride back into town with some hunters… and made a beeline for the nearest Applebee’s restaurant!

6. Six hours fishing on an uninhabited lake

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What’s your excuse for blanking?

If the rumour is to be believed, an ambitious fisherman spent six hours fishing on a new lake in Ivybridge, Devon. After all that time, he was disheartened and confused as to why his unwavering dedication had drawn a blank. That is, until he was told that the lake was only due to be stocked with fish the following month.

An angler’s dedication is always better placed when there’s a chance of a catch.

7. Who nose why?

Man with lure stuck in nose

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Something smells fishy

This young fisherman landed up in the emergency room after a fishing hook and a (rather unattractive) lure pierced through his nose. Nobody knows exactly what happened, but we’re willing to bet that anyone who winds up looking like this was giving it their all!

Whether you’re a fly, coarse or sea angler, nothing quite beats that feeling of reeling in an impressive fish. How far have you gone for that perfect catch? Tell us on our Facebook page.