Essential Fishing Tackle Accessories

It comes to a point in an anglers life where they think they have everything they’ll ever need; a perfectly fish-able fly rod, a nice straight fly line which can be cast in excess of 30 yards and some flies which always seem to produce on even the toughest of days.

But what happens when your tip ring comes off or a braided loop is broken and your not fully equipped? If I had a pound for every time someone has asked me if I have some super glue or alike I’d be fishing with a Sage One! Sometimes the smaller things in life come in handy now and again, don’t be caught short by not having these simple, day saving fishing tackle accessories in your bag.

Airflo STIC-IT Anglers Super Glue

The pen styled solution for a very convenient accessory. Ideal for storing inside a jacket pocket or in your fly reel case, this simple little product can save your leader loops, nylon knots or even a broken rod it. Designed for convenience the Airflo Stick-IT Anglers super glue has a fine point nose which lets you get into the smallest of areas potentially saving your days fishing. Also, use it for fly tying, securing heads, eyes or materials to a hook.

Airflo Stick-It Super Glue

Airflo STIC-IT 5minute epoxy

Epoxy hasn’t been used as much in post Bug-Bond years, but the Airflo Stic-it 5 minute epoxy can be used from fly tying to repairing fishing rods, providing a quick drying, transparent and tough coating. Ideal for coating buzzers to create a heavy outer or for shrimp backs. This 5 minute epoxy actually saved my cork handle not so long ago, simple squeeze out, mix and fill the intended gap.

Airflo Stick-It 5minute Epoxy