End of Season Salmon And Sea Trout Fishing Report.

Rene’ Alleyne is a sea trout and salmon expert based on the River Towy in West Wales. Here Rene’ gives us his end of season round up. We have to say, with all of this water about it’s not been a bad year at all for migratory game fishing in Wales.

We are coming towards the end of the season now, and turning attention towards some back end salmon. There has been plenty of water on the Tywi since the last few week’s of August and good number’s of sewin and some salmon were landed on all beats at Golden Grove with various methods, including use of spinning and fly fishing tackle.

A decent back end Towy sea trout

A decent back end Towy sea trout.

It has been a strange season for myself. I have had some belting sewin up to 15.5lb, and some good salmon, but from the very beginning of the season I have lost a lot of fish. Some in snag’s and some have just come off! It just goes like this sometimes. I am sure we all have spells of losing everything you hook, whilst at other time’s everything that takes is landed. Still, I can’t complain, at least the fish were there to get into!

A 15 pound night caught sea trout.

A 15.5 pound night caught sea trout.

From June onward’s, there were plenty of sewin in the 2 to 5lb range around and the night fishing could be very good, although we kept getting small dirty rises in the river levels, which would unsettle the fish for a few nights. This continued right through until August, when we had some proper floods on the Tywi. At point’s, there were literally fish everywhere on the beat’s at Golden Grove, with 140 fish landed in just one week and amazingly 60+ fish were landed one day. It was good to see so many fish around, especially the smaller fish and hopefully we will see some of these young fish returning in future seasons.

A sewin taken at night on an Airflo Rocket fly rod with forty plus line and V-lite reel.

A sewin taken at night on an Airflo Rocket fly rod with forty plus line and V-lite reel.

I have been using the new Airflo Rocket fly rod in 10 ft 7/8 through the summer at night and I must say this rod was an absolute joy to fish with. It does everything I need it to and cast’s very smoothly, whether using small flies or big surface lures. It will cast two heavy tubes at distance no problem at all. I’m looking forward to getting back out at night with this rod already for next season.

Into September now, and I will be trying for a salmon or two on the fly. I was out the other week giving it a go with the double hander, and got in to a good fish, which turned out to be an 11lb sewin, followed shortly by a 6lb+ sewin, and a decent fish lost. The next time I was out with the double hander I got in to a tidy fish, which turned out to be a wild brown over 5 lb, on a monkey tube fly. A proper trophy sized brown trout for any UK river.

A bonus specimen brown trout on a double hander.

A bonus specimen brown trout on a double hander.

We are due some rain this week, so hopefully we will get some good fly water and a chance at a few salmon before the end of the season.

Tightlines to all for the rest of the season, Rene’.