Earith Carp Lakes

Carp Lakes is a large fishery in Cambridge-shire, not far from St Ives and with good transport links via A1, A14 and M11 for the anglers prepared to travel a little further for good fishing. The site contains eight lakes from 25 acres down to 2/3 of an acre where stock levels are consistently monitored to achieve the best result. There are king carp and very large coarse fish in all lakes. In addition, Pingree’s Pool, Willow Walk lakes and Virginia Lakes hold stocks of Wells catfish.

There is a good selection of purpose built swims, many of which enable anglers to deliver their gear very close to where they are fishing. 

Facilities on offer at Spring Field Meadow
Disabled access: Yes
Tackle Hire: No
Toliets: Yes
Refreshments: No
Day passes: Yes
07759 199256.
Web: http://earithcarplakes.co.uk/

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  1. Stay well clear, the owner is a lazy and only things about himself and not the complex or the fish.

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