Underwater carp fishing footage

Never one to miss an opportunity, Dave Lane makes use of everything at his disposal. Join him, as he uses Total Carp’s 2016 “Tackle Awards” winning FishSpy, and his GoPro to get to the bottom of things.

Dave Lane – Using a FishSpy camera to see a lake bottom

Expert UK carp fisherman Dave Lane uses his FishSpy camera to check out the lake bed of the St Ives fishery.

Dave Lane – Casting a GoPro Camera into the Lake from Fishtec

Laney casts his GoPro into the lake with the addition of the floating back door.

Dave Lane – Underwater Carp Footage at Night from Fishtec

Dave captures some awesome underwater footage of a carp being released, at night, using just a headlamp for light.

Dave Lane – Using a FishSpy camera on a winter gravel pit venue

Watch top UK carp angler and TF Gear tackle consultant Dave Lane use a FishSpy camera.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Extreme Carp Fishing

Dave climbs trees in search of fish and uses his GoPro for some great underwater footage of many carp, up to around 30lbs.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Early March 2014 monks pit

Carp fishing at Monks Pit in search of the lakes biggest fish. With some expert hints and tips from Dave, and also some great, clear underwater footage from his GoPro.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – with new GoPro from Fishtec

Playing around with the underwater features of the GoPro, Dave was able to record a pike sitting mid-water just off the edge of his swim, and perfectly present his bait.

For more information on the FishSpy underwater camera system, visit the FishSpy YouTube channel and watch Dave put it to the test.

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