Top 10 most popular Dave Lane videos

Catching carp and testing the best tackle, check out the top 10 most popular moments from Dave Lane’s Video Diaries.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Carping with Dave Lane from Fishtec

Follow Dave Lane on a windswept and wild session on Norfolk’s Kingfisher lake. Laney guides you through what it takes to catch carp in the worst fishing condition’s and reveals his secret tactics which will transform your season.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Dave Lane Lands the 55lb Burghfield Common!

Dave slips the net under the impressive 55lb Burghfield Common Carp after what he describes as the ‘toughest fight of his life’.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Underwater Footage from Fishtec

This time he’s at Monk’s Pit, where he manages to catch a staggering 11 carp along with a trio of 30’s… That’s some going through the winter!

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Extreme Carp Fishing

Dave climbs trees in search of fish and uses his GoPro for some great underwater footage of many carp, up to around 30lbs.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – An open weekend at Farlow’s and, as always, barbeques beer and carp!

A brilliant episode on Farlow’s lake – With Scott Maslen (Eastenders) and Ian ‘chilly’ Chillcot. The beer flows, BBQ’s sizzle and the carp come to the net! Top weather for it too.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Laney kicks off 2016 with a bang

A great start to 2016 on the Quarry fishery! One of the best episodes we have seen for a while.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – December 2013 part 2 from Fishtec

Part two of Dave Lane’s December diary, catching carp at monks pit on zigs!

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Early March 2014 monks pit

With some expert hints and tips from Dave, and also some great, clear underwater footage from his GoPro, this episode is unmissable.

Dave Lane Secret Diaries of Dave Lane – Part Four

Are you ready to meet COLIN and friends?? Part 4 of the Dave Lane secret diaries – 45 minutes of epic Carp angling.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Spring has finally Sprung for Laney down in Northampton

Can Dave Lane bag a fish? Hard work and persistence is the name of the game. And a new caveman diet. Enjoy!

For more great videos like these, visit Dave Lane’s video diary and watch his social sessions, best carp catches, and amazing underwater footage from FishSpy.