Dave Lane and friends

Dave and his furry companion, Padwar, are joined by friends for social sessions on the bank. Expect plenty of carp fishing, barbecues and beers.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – An open weekend at Farlow’s and, as always, barbeques beer and carp!

A brilliant episode on Farlow’s lake – With Scott Maslen and Ian ‘chilly’ Chillcot. The beer flows, BBQ’s sizzle and the carp come to the net! Top weather for it too.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Laney at the MNDA Event

Linear Fisheries held it’s fifth annual Pro-Am Charity Event ”Fish with the Stars” in August. Dave Lane went along and filmed the action.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Laney visits the Young Anglers Championships

Laney joins young angler, Billy, as he fishes for carp in the Young Anglers Championship at Linear Fisheries.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – A two part mega session at St Ives, with some mega fish on the bank!

First of a two part mega session on St Ives lake!

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Laney goes to Yateley for a 25 year reunion

Catching up with some old mates for a social on Yateley – but can he avoid the dreaded blank?

Dave Lane Carp Blog – All go at St Ives – big fish on the bank and a carp party to celebrate

Meet Colin the carp, a BBQ celebration and a naked man runs around the lake.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – A brief window of opportunity opens up St Ives and Laney cashes in.

Sometimes all you need is a change in conditions and the switch is flicked – but first Dave gets stuck into a BBQ and the annual St Ives conker championships!

Dave Lane Carp Blog – A wild and windy social session down in Kent with Laney and Paul Forward

Laney catches up with Mr F on a Kentish lake and has a great few days carp angling.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Laney’s final road trip before the St Ives season starts once again

Who can make the best BBQ? Laney or Mr F? And more importantly, who can bag the most carp?

Dave Lane Carp Blog – A move too far part 2

Dave continues his summer time quest – things are slow, but we get to see a BBQ duel and a 30lb+ carp!

Take a look at how Laney fares on solo sessions with his best catches and bankside meals.