Dave Lane’s best carp catches

Dave Lane’s determination and experience on the bank have landed some beautiful carp in his net throughout the seasons. Take a look at some of his biggest and best catches – including famous fish from carp fisheries up and and down the country.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Dave Lane Lands the 55lb Burghfield Common!

After a hairy battle between Laney and the largest fish in Burghfield, Dave finally slips the net under this monstrous common – tipping the scales at 55lbs!

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Dave bags his target fish from Northey lake, 51lb 4oz Common!!

A birthday present he wont forget – landing the 51lb common from Northey park.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – As the weather warms up, Laney bags one of the St Ives “A Team”

Dave continues his big fish 2015 campaign, landing a monster 45lb “Big Head” mirror!

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Laney kicks off 2016 with a bang

A great start to 2016 on the Quarry fishery!

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Moonscale Carp from Fishtec

Our resident carping expert manages to tick off two certain fish from his bucket list, the biggest at 42lb, commonly known as ‘Moonscale’. Catching big carp is Dave’s thing!

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Couple of forties for Dave Lane P2

A storming session at Burghfield, managing to land a couple of forties over his last night on the lake.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Monks Pit from Fishtec

When the big lake wasn’t fishing, Dave chose to switch to Monks Pit in search of some of the larger specimen carp, over 40lbs, which he is yet to catch.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – A bankside accident pins Laney down pursuing more St Ives warriors

This one is a half hour special – and it has got it all. A fishing injury, a massive carp capture, a gas shortage crisis, and a right screaming run caught on camera!

Dave Lane Carp Blog – A Storming Session capturing the Classic Mirror

Laney catches the Classic Mirror along with plenty more carp in this weeks Carp Fishing Diary.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – End of April Part 2

Dave ends his already productive session at St Ives with a proper slab.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Laney cashes in on his first trip to the Quarry

Dave’s first visit to a new lake results in a bumper catch.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – November 2013 from Fishtec

We’re back at the Monks Pit, in some of the best best carp fishing conditions imaginable. After just minutes he manages to hook into a great looking carp which gives Dave a bit of a run around.

Learn how to catch monster carp like Laney. Watch his tips and tactics videos to learn how to read the water and reel them in like a pro.