Bankside meals with Dave Lane

When you spend as many mealtimes on the bank as Laney, you need to know how to rustle up some hearty grub. Looking for some bankside BBQ ideas and toaster grill tips? Take a look at some of Dave’s favourites.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Well the carp may not be biting but Laney certainly is!

This week it’s a BBQ masterclass –  washed down with Speckled Hen of course!

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Part two of the St Ives session – the catches keep getting bigger!

Laney’s epic session continues – St Ives is starting to wake up! AND you get to learn how to make a BBQ breakfast…

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Extreme Carp Fishing

Dave climbs trees in search of fish and shows off his new toaster grill.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Spring has finally Sprung for Laney down in Northampton

Sausages, steak, chicken and an olive bar. Mr Lane knows how to spend his time between catches.

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Laney sees out the year in style

High pressure conditions on the Quarry continue to make things tough, but the BBQ is back!!

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Laney’s back again, the St Ives blogs have started, the barbeque is on, but will the fish play ball?

Laney’s gives us the secret to barbecuing chicken…

Dave Lane Carp Blog – Laney’s final road trip before the St Ives season starts once again

A return to Kent for a social with Mr Paul Forward. Who can make the best BBQ? Laney or Mr F? And more importantly, who can bag the most carp?

Dave Lane Carp Blog – End of April Part 1

April draws to a close on St Ives, Dave is still catching well and has a mega meat feast on the BBQ!

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