Dave Lane Video Diary

Watch the legendary Dave Lane on his carp adventures in these video blog diaries. Find and watch the best bits from one of Laney’s video libraries listed below.

Want to see monster carp? Check out Dave’s best carp catches collection. Be inspired and discover his bankside recipes, including the irresistible Dorito crusted chilli chicken kebab with chipotle sauce.

Tips & tactics

Dave Lane giving advice

Learn from Laney’s mistakes and triumphs.

Approaching new waters, reading the swim, and choosing your tackle. Dave talks you through his tips and tactics, as he attempts to get his net under carp from fisheries all over the UK.

Best carp catches

Dave Lane holding 55lb common carp

The fight of his life – a 55lb common

This is what it’s all about. Watch as Laney plays ‘tug of war’ with some of the biggest carp in the country – including the 55lb Burghfield common. Enjoy some of his biggest and best catches.

Bankside meals

Dave holding a chicken skewer

The ultimate ‘caveman diet’

A master of the BBQ – meal time on the bank is never dull with Dave Lane. Expect marinated meats, top toaster grill tips, and even learn to BBQ an egg!

Underwater carp fishing footage

Underwater photo of mirror carp

See what you’re missing!

Using his FishSpy and GoPro, Laney captures brilliant underwater footage when scoping out carp, lake features and baited spots.

Top 10 most popular

Dave Lane holding a 30lb mirror carp

These episodes have got it all

Big carp, big barbecues, and big sessions. Check out the top 10 most popular moments from Dave Lane’s Diaries.

Dave Lane and friends

Some friendly competition on the bank and the barbecues

Join Dave and the carp fishing community for their social sessions on the bank. Expect plenty of carp catching and BBQ banter.

The Secret Diaries of Dave Lane

The secret diaries of Dave Lane

Watch the fun and fiascos Dave has on his hunt for his target fish

Check out Dave Lane’s ‘secret diaries’ – a series of ‘secret’ carp fishing blogs, including the capture of Colin, the 52lb 12oz St Ives lakes mega carp in July 2016.

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