Dave Lane on September Carp Fishing

It’s been a challenging summer for all of us, nobody could have expected that we would be plunged into a heatwave that lasted for months, and the carp fishing suffered as a result.

However, it seem to have broken now and, at last, we have dew in the mornings, condensation on the windows, and some much needed rain so things are looking up at last.

Sustained periods of hot weather can seriously deplete the oxygen levels in a lake, making the fish very lethargic but the conditions we have now will soon rectify that and the carp will once more be on the feed.

September stunner on a large baited area

September stunner on a large baited area

Also, we have the magical month of September looming and this is my favourite time of the year, a time when the carp really get their heads down and those dried up landing nets get wet once more.

Now is the time to start introducing a bit of bait and step it up over the next couple of weeks in areas of activity, which will become far more noticeable at first light.

Look for signs of feeding by scouring the lake for early morning patches of bubbles and, of course, the odd head breaking the surface. Try to feed a decent quality boilie as well as the carp will be looking for a good food source and one that is easily digested and readily available.

When I undertake a baiting program I also like to spread my bait over the whole area I am targeting, keeping the fish grubbing about and ensuring there is room for plenty of carp to feed at once.

Either use a catapult for close quarters or, if you haven’t already, try the new TF gear Airbomb for baiting at range.

The beauty of the Airbomb is that it deploys in the air and this spreads the bait over a larger area rather than just depositing in small clumps on the bottom like a spod or spomb would do. A bigger spread will give you a better feeding pattern and really get those carp tearing up the bottom looking for more.

With shorter evenings and cooler mornings, you can expect longer periods of feeding activity, but you must also pay heed to your own situation and stay comfortable on the bank. Nobody likes to be cold or wet and you cannot fish effectively if this happens.

I always carry a decent set of fishing waterproofs at this time of year and a spare set of clothes, just in case.

I also make sure I have the front of my bivvy attached at all times, just in cast the wind gets up or the heavens open during the night.

It’s weird really, the rest of the country is praying for an Indian summer and moaning already about the change in conditions, but the carp anglers are all rubbing their hands together in glee.

I like nothing better than sitting out there on a big pit with the wind whipping across the surface and huge clouds racing across the sky; proper carp fishing weather.

Proper carp fishing weather.....

Proper carp fishing weather…..

September has two other main attractions for me, apart from just the changes in conditions.

Firstly, there is the Autumnal Equinox, the point in time when we have equal day and night as the sun crosses the celestial equator. This is probably the finest time of all to be out there, carp fishing, I don’t understand exactly why, but the carp certainly do, and I have had so many bumper session on this particular week.

A big pit equinox mirror

A big pit equinox mirror

The actual Equinox itself is normally around the 22nd of the month.

The power of the moon is a mystery

The power of the moon is a mystery

The second phenomenon is the Harvest Moon, the full moon closest to the Equinox and for those of you that follow moon phases then you will already know that this is a special one indeed. This year the two events fall together so I am expecting a bumper session and I am going to spend as much time between now and then getting some bait in the water, sussing out feeding areas and, also, taking advantage of the fish starting to get on the munch…are you?

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