Dangerous Fishing Videos

calm fishing day

A day’s fishing starts calmly enough…
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Fishing can be a dangerous and terrifying sport. It might not seem that way when you’re sat by the bank of a gentle river, sipping coffee from your heated flask. But while you’re quietly waiting for a nibble, spare a thought for anglers across the globe who regularly battle the elements and some truly terrifying denizens of the water.

We’ve trawled the Internet and found six videos which show just how dangerous fishing can be. Next time you’re out by (or in) the water, remember what some anglers have to go through in pursuit of their hobby.

It’s angry, it’s got teeth, and it’s flying right at you

Some might argue that the best place for a furious, razor-toothed barracuda is on the other end of a very long line. The 40lb fish Kevin Faver has hooked has other ideas, however.

Introducing the magical disappearing tuna

Leandro probably started packing a harpoon into his kayak after videoing this particular sea fishing trip. There’s a bite on his line and he’s seconds from pulling it aboard. He’s not the only one eyeing the prize, however, and anything can happen in a few seconds. Stay with this one; at 5:20 there’s another incident that surprises Leandro!

When the ocean tries to catch you

Rock fishing is officially one of Australia’s most dangerous sports. That’s impressive, considering the number of risky things you can do Down Under. This video perfectly illustrates just how extreme conditions can be. Would you risk it for a big catch?

Swimming for your life

If you had a carp on your line and it pulled you into the water, you’d be a little red-faced. If it was a great white shark, you’d be swimming for your life. Kayaker Ben Chancey isn’t deterred by his brush with this furious killer, however. Watch as he hops back into his kayak like nothing’s happened.


How strong is your stomach? You need to be pretty hardcore if you’re going to watch this video. Tim Wells is about to gut a piranha which he thinks is long-dead. Start from the beginning if you want to see a close-up of piranha teeth, or skip to 3.30 and listen out for the crunch to see exactly what those gnashers can do.

Remember: this clip is not for the fainthearted.

Spanish mackerel obliterated by shark

You have to hand it to these anglers – they don’t let anything faze them. They continue fishing despite multiple sharks circling their boat. The sharks aren’t going to let an easy meal get away, either.

Cover the kids’ ears if they’re close by while you watch this one…

Got a fisherman’s tale to tell?

Angling isn’t always the relaxing sport it’s made out to be. We’ve seen crazy weather and a lot of close encounters with big hungry fish. And we haven’t even begun to talk about the places a hook can get stuck.

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