Cwm Hedd Lakes New Years Fly Fishing Report



Fishing report December 30th 2014

Good morning everyone – I hope it is as lovely where you are as it is in sunny Cwm Hedd this morning, where the lake looks very beautiful in the hard frost that descended last night. My walk this morning blew away a few cobwebs, and the frozen ground brought a welcome change from sloshing about in mud.

Opening hours:

Monday and Tuesday: closed; Wednesday – Sunday 8am-4pm; last admission 2pm. Gates closed at 4.15. There will be many cups of tea/coffee available on New Year’s Day for those who are feeling fragile. Please ensure that all mince pies are also consumed as I don’t want to see any more before next December!

Boxing Day competition results: Sixteen anglers turned out for the Boxing Day comp despite it being a freezing cold and wet day that tested the waterproof qualities of various items of fly fishing clothing. Four anglers won a day ticket each in a very tight competition where 6 and a quarter ounces was all that separated the first from the fourth fish.

Kieron Jenkins took the heaviest fish weighing 3lbs 3 and a half ounces fishing an orange blob under a bung. He used the Airflo 40+ super dri floating line and a 5ft floating trout polyleader to turn over the indicator and weighted blob at distance, killing his last fish and releasing another 9. In second place Gareth Neale’s fish taken on an orange blob weighed in at 3lbs one and a quarter ounces; Kristian Davies, showed us how to use the bung method, coming in third place with a fish weighing a fraction over 3lbs, releasing another 9 also on the blob and bung, with a couple on dries. In fourth place Mike James took a fish weighing 2lbs 13 and a quarter ounces, releasing another five on an emerging buzzer.

Inevitably, being able to take any one of 10 fish rather than the usual first fish tempted some anglers to wait for a bigger fish to come along, resulting in some running out of time and not taking a fish, such as Phil Cotton, who released 9, again on the blob under a bung. Phil was compensated by hooking one of the big brownies though, so every cloud has a silver lining. Luke Thomas took one and released 9 using the same method; Clive Murray took one on a black and green lure and Ken Pascoe took one on an emerging buzzer

The rest of the week was quiet in terms of anglers, but the majority of those who were released from Christmas festivities took and released fish. Bill Williams, Luke Taylor and Keith Higgins each took one and released three; Gareth West took one and released five; Adam Taylor, Mike Mckeown, Barry Powell and Paul Elsworthy each took one and released two; Callum Russell, Christian Jones, Ron Thomas each took one and released one; Luke Thomas and Matthew Russell each took one and released seven; Colin Cox took one and over two visits Roy Western took three fish and released seven. | email: |

Tel: 01633 896854 (lodge during opening hours); 07813 143 034 (any time/day before 6pm)

Croesheolydd Farm, Bassaleg, Newport, NP10 8RW. 5 mins J 28 M4

Wishing you all a great New Year.