Coarse Fishing, Sometimes for nothing.

Yes, Churchill had it right when he said those immortal lines “A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”.  Of course what you didn’t know was that this wasn’t referring to Russia at all but to Fishers Green on the Lea.  Just like the Ouse, Fishers Green screams barbel at every twist and turn and yet you get your coarse fishing tackle out and almost can’t buy a bite.  I used to fish here a few years a go and did reasonably well.  However, things have changed.  I have fished here twice this season, in some mouth watering swims and haven’t even mustered a single bite.  Of course my lack of angling skill has nothing to do with it!  Its a tough section and always was.  However, it seems to have got just that little bit harder.

Still one thing hasn’t changed: it’s still a beautiful looking river.  It’s a delight to fish.  The bankside vegetation seems to have been cut back a little and this opens up a few more swims.  Overall it still has a wonderful natural wild feel to it, which I like.  It’s still very clear and there is plenty of weed and water cabbages.  Sadly though, it was desperately low.  I’m sure this had something to do with the lack of action.  It’s a problem faced by many of the southern rivers at the moment.  A real lack of water is causing all sorts of problems.  So my lack of bites is small fry compared to the real issues faced by these rivers.


I certainly wouldn’t condemn a venue to the trash can after only a couple of visits either.  It takes patience and perseverance to tackle tough venues like this.  It still produces some cracking barbel and chub, so there is no question that The Green can still produce the goods.  All I need to do is visit it more often and re-learn the venue. Therein lies the real crux of the matter.  You can’t expect instant results.  You have to work for your fish here and that takes time.  This is not a Wye or Trent.  The fish here are much harder to come by and I’ve been spoiled of late.

So, it’s back to the drawing board and on with the barbel and chub head (most people prefer that to my normal head).  It will be a while before I venture back for the barbel, but I certainly intend to return this winter for a session or two after those massive Lea chub.


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