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I thought I’d have a look to see what the coarse fishing world is blogging about these days.  If coarse fishing is your thing then you should find some good reading matter here.  If your passion is Pike, your craze is Carp or perhaps if Barbel is your bag, you should be able to find something to suit your taste.  And if you just like getting outside and wetting a line – well – read on… If we have missed your blog, or any others you follow, please let us know and we’ll do our best to keep it up to date. Email – kieron@bvg

Reels on Wheels

“I am a wheelchair user so it can be frustrating at times but I never give up trying to do something. I will always find a way and with the support of my wife and daughter, the word “Can’t” is like a red rag to a bull.”  Inspiring words from disabled angler, Nick Rowe who fishes on, despite being largely confined to a wheelchair.  In his blog he highlights many of the difficulties faced by disabled anglers.  But that’s not all, there’s plenty of interesting content here – well worth a read.

Roaming Free

“I froze in anticipation and watched the Pike Float Transfixed and Mesmerised.”  writes Stu Maddocks.  We think you would be hard pushed to find a better blow by blow account of a battle with a double figures pike.  Fishing the River Dee, Stu had two absolute beauties as the photos prove.  How big was that first one Stu?  13lb 11oz – not bad at all.

Stuart Bloor’s Angling Journal

“When the going gets tough, the tough go fishing,” a very accurate description of many of you hardy fishermen and women out there.  Come wind rain – and mud – Stuart has been posting a weekly blog since 2003. So no surprise then that entries are informative and well written.  And there’s a competition to win some Predator baits – so what are you waiting for?

Pike Angler

To move or not to move – that’s the question posed by Pike fishing fiend Andy Webster.  As he puts it, “to sit behind a couple of deadbaits in the same swim is to put all of your eggs in one basket. That’s exactly what I did today. The baits were cast, alarms set, book read, and I had the most relaxing days fishing. But I also blanked.”  Well whether to roam or to stay put is the eternal dilemma – who knows what might have happened had you moved Andy!  A great site this with a wealth of information for Pike fans out there.


While we’re on the subject of Pike, why not check out the blog of the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain? Some thought provoking posts here – the one that caught my eye debates the future for Pike as a result of the successful reintroduction of Otters into our rivers.  Also featuring a well stocked archive of posts this blog should be able to answer most questions on the subject of Pike fishing.

Trent Piker

The Trent piker got more than he bargained for during a recent day’s fishing on his local river –  you’ll have to read the blog to find out what happened – but it made us smile.  The posts are entertaining and if you’re in search of a few ideas for more reading, there’s a list of fishing links as long as your arm.

Steve Pope Barbel Fishing

“As the fish came to the surface and my waiting net I knew this was the double we had been hoping for, indeed I was sure it was going to be a good bit more than that!”  Steve Pope’s account of a young lad’s first barbel (a 12lb 12oz beauty – well done Josh), is good reading.  If barbeling is your bag then this is the blog for you.  Steve Pope is chairman of the Barbel Society and has more than a trick or two up his sleeve.

Just Fish

We really have to feature a man who is a self confessed “huge” fan of Alan Partridge – even if it’s just out of sympathy for everyone who knows him!  I enjoyed this post and Andrew Kennedy is a freelance angling writer so he does sometimes write about fishing –  I promise.  In fact why not check out his latest post – an excellent description of his capture of an 18lb pike.

Watery Reflections

“Six cups of tea, two bacon sarnies, a sly chocy bar, but not one bite or movement.”  Ever had a day like that?  Steve Phillips tells us about his icy day’s fishing at Bishop’s Bowl near Leamington.  With his mate Rob he fished the only bit of water not iced over.  It seems that the pike were lurking elsewhere though.  Still, it doesn’t sound like they starved does it?

Been Caught Fishing

04/12 Derwent
“Fished the same swim as last Saturday, caught 1 less fish, don’t think I even had a bite fishing dead baits, worms and boilie.  Started raining about as soon as I sat down. No brolly. A day to forget…”
Like entries in a captain’s log these blog posts by Matt Kemp are short, snappy and straight to the point.  They’re well illustrated with some very nice photography too.

Joe Chatterton’s Angling Diary

When Joe Chatterton caught a 12lb Pike in the Warwickshire Avon, he was surprised to find that he hadn’t caught it at all.  It had someone else’s hooks in its stomach and Joe’s line had got wrapped around the trace protruding from the unlucky creature. So does that count or not muses Joe.  We wouldn’t like to say but there is some good reading to be had on this blog.

Carp, Coarse and Swansea

They caught plenty of big bream – but that’s not much use when you’re taking part in a carp fishing contest!  It must have been frustrating for Dan Jones and his friend Steve who fished the 2010 Carp doubles on the Fendrod.  But as Dan points out, it’s hard to class an 8lb bream as a ‘nuisance’ fish.  They never did catch a carp but owing to the fact that hardly anyone on the lake caught any either, they still ranked pretty highly.  How highly?  Well you’ll have to read the blog…

Diary of a River Keeper on the Test, Hampshire

“The snow also revealed that the Otters are back and filling their boots in the stew ponds, the electric fence became buried in the overnight snow and the Otters were quick to take the opportunity of an easy meal.” writes river keeper Chris De Cani.  This really is a delightful read.  Full of incident, but written at a pace that echoes the gentle rhythms of the English countryside.  I’ve saved one of the best until last.  Highly recommended reading.

We’ve hunted high and low for the best blogs around but if anyone thinks there’s one we’ve missed, then please do let us know about it.  Leave a comment and next time we have a troll through the net, we’ll try to give it a mention.

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