Anglian Water Airflo Fly Fishing International

Now all the regional finals have been fished we have a full list of teams who have qualified for the Anglian Water Airflo International 2012. Teams from all around Europe have competed, all for the chance of being crowned AWAI Champions.

Blagdon FF Cortland
Hanningfield Rio Masters
Change Fly Fishers ‘A’
Iain Barr Fly Fishing
Sheltland Anglers
Change Fly Fishers ‘B’
Leslie & Glenrothes AC
Stocks Falcons
Margam Fly Fishers
Team Airflo
Flextec Emerald Islanders
Neilston Fly Fishers
Thalassa AC
Froggies Fly Fishers
Weardale Fly Fishers
G Loomis Team Belgium
OTFA (Kirkwall)
Welsh Crunchers
Greenwell Persuaders ‘A’ Peninsula Pirates

As the one and only sponsors of this competition, Fishtec are offering great fly fishing tackle prizes such as rods, reels and fly lines. We’d like to wish all the teams competing good luck and hope to see you and the prestigious Anglian Water Airflo International Final at Rutland Water.

Anglian Water Final 2011 Results

River Fly Fishing International 2012

River Tay,  Scotland June 2012

Wales were convincing winners on a high and coloured River Tay.

The Tay catchment area had missed the worst of the rain that caused flooding in many parts of the UK but overnight on Thursday it rained constantly. By Friday morning the Tay was up 18 inches and had taken on a fair bit of colour. The rain continued through Friday but the level did not rise further.

Wales took the lead in session one and went on to win sessions two and three and were joint top in session four with Ireland.

The fishing was tough and proved to be a test for all anglers, the high and coloured water stopped all anglers getting to parts of the river which was previously fishable. Wading was tough when it was low due to the sheer force of the river, but with the extra few inches it was almost impossible with anglers wading close to the top of their chest waders to reach at least some fishy looking water.

They had 43 place points by the end of the day, well clear of England with 64. Scotland took third with 66 points and Ireland fourth with 67.

The top four individuals were only separated by one place point and the dominance of the Welsh team was shown here where they took first, third, fourth, fifth and eighth spots.

Top rod was Allen Hughes of Wales with 12 fish and seven place points, which included a haul of seven fish in session four. Phil Dixon of Englan was second with seven fish and either place points and Paul Jenkins of Wales was third with six fish and eight place points.

Pictured above, Allen Hughes, top rod and Kieron Jenkins Welsh team Captain.

The full results can be found here –

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Fishtec/PSM/Celtic League Team results Round 4

The fourth Fishtec League match was again tough like the previous. High winds and bright sunshine put the fish off the feed and the fishing took anglers by surprise. With not much fly activity the fish were hard to locate and coming across a couple was like winning the lottery.

Team Results and overall position so far:

Top team of the day was Margam with an impressive overall total of just 32 points. The majority of the team used the original 3ft airflo supple impact mini tips, with a team of nymphs suspended by a small booby or blob. Fish fell early on to the booby but with both boat and angling pressure fish instantly became weary and the nymphs seemed to out fish anything.

Fishtec/PSM/Celtic Individual results Comp 4

The Fishtec League match was fished on Sunday 22nd July, It was tough to say the least! Most boats headed to the top of the lake to find the recently introduced stocked fish. After an hour or two the boats dispersed pretty rapidly as reports of only one fish was caught. Bright sunshine and High winds usually knocks the feeding habits of the fish and they become tough not only to locate, but catch. It seems to be a reoccurring theme with these league matching becoming harder, but this time the weather had an effect on everyone.

Individual results comp 4

Overall results so far from four matches:

Top rod of the day went to Welsh Hawk’s angler and former World Champion Russell Owen who took 7 fish by 3pm on an extremely tough day. It seems a couple of the Nymphomaniac boys where using the new sink tips lines from Airflo the ridge supple impact mini tips, a floating line with six feet of slow intermediate fly line on the end. Second place went to Matthew Griffiths who mentioned the new mini tips from Airflo helped him take five of his fish when others weren’t catching.

Best flies for the day seemed to be  diawl bachs, in a range of sizes suspended by a cat booby, fished as the washing line technique.

Fishtec/PSM/Celtic League Team results Round 3

The third Fishtec League match turned out to be tougher than expect, near perfect conditions from the off quickly deteriorated with bright sunshine and 15mph winds quickly setting in. Many anglers struggled from the off until the weather broke and cloud cover made its way in at around 3pm. Fish started to rise and flies in or on the surface were what most anglers fished.

Team Results and overall position so far:

Top team of the day, Snatchers, caught an impressive 60+ fish to secure 54 place points. (see column ‘comp 3‘). Fish are now more spread out on the lake and can be found further and further from the shore each day as fish travel across the lake in search of food. Top anglers on the day all fished Airflo Sixth Sense intermediate lines in a range of densities with many angler catching on the new Mid-Glass. Boobies and blobs seemed to provoke most action, with a few anglers taking fish on dry flies later on in the day.

Fishtec/PSM/Celtic Individual results Comp 3

Round three of the Fishtec League match was fished at Llandegfedd reservoir 17th June 2012. Another tough day saw many anglers struggle to make it above 6 fish, conditions early on in the day didn’t play in the favour of anglers with bright sunshine and strong winds making things difficult. Such conditions put older, feeding fish off and most anglers attention turn to stockies, fish which have recently been introduced into the lake and are not so sceptical to weather changes.

Individual results match 3

Overall results so far from three matches:

Top rod on the day was Airflo’s Online Marketing Manager, Kieron Jenkins, taking 22 fish using an Airflo Sixth Sense Intermediate lines.  Kieron said “The slow intermediate line I was using helped me present the flies in the fishes favoured feeding zone. My long leader meant that I could keep the three flies below, but close to the surface with a slow retrieve, just where the fish were feeding. When the sun came out I switched to the 40+ fast intermediate fly line which in hindsight wasn’t the right way to go, I felt the flies still dropped below the fish. My best fly for the day was a tequila blob, tied with ‘Original Vampire fritz‘ to keep things colourful, but slim”.

Individual Final – Rutland Water

Over the last two years the top 10% of anglers from each Airflo Anglian water round have been invited to  participate in the Anglian Water Airflo Individual Final held at Grafham Water. Saturday 19th May saw forty anglers take to the water in what could only be described as perfect fishing conditions, overcast with some light rain.

The boats headed off into the usual haunts such as Hedge end, deep water point and the odd one which split from the pack to the south west corner of the lake.

Many anglers took their 8 fish impressively quick, with the quickest going to Rob Edmunds who landed his 8 before 11am!

Results are as followed – (will upload the rest if interested asap)

1. Jos Peeters 8 fish for 25lb 7oz (inc bonus)
2. Martin Williams 8 fish 23lb 13oz
3. Rob Edmunds 8 fish for 22lb 10oz
4. Phil Longstaff 8 fish for 21lb 9oz
5. Graham Pearson 8 fish for 21lb 2oz
6. Tom Gott 8 fish for 21lb 2oz
7. Steve Cullen 8 fish for 21.0oz
8. Craig Smith 8 fish for 19lb 0oz
9. Craig Gimblett8 fish for 17lb 9oz
10. Peter Scholes 8 fish for 17lb 9oz

The top rod of the day went to Jos Peeters who took 8 fish for 25lb 7oz and the biggest fish went to Martin Williams – 5lb 2oz. Forty anglers took a very satisfying 211 fish to give a rod average of just over 5.5. Top angler, Jos, took his winning bag using an Airflo sweep di 5 fly line and a single tequila blob.

Average fish weight: 2lb 25/8oz
Average bag weight: 12lb 01/5oz

Airflo Bank Masters Finalists

With the Airflo World Bank Masters Individual Final edging closer each day, the number of qualifiers for the final has now risen to over 90 anglers! Following the previous 49 anglers, a further 5 heats have placed even more top anglers into the final which is to be held at Elinor, this weekend – 20th May. Well done to all and good luck in the final!

Elinor 2nd heat
Ed Foster
Ed Upton
Paul Haskey

Selmmuir 2nd heat
Gavin Hill

Stocks Heat
Neil Ashworth
Tony Taylor

Bank House
James Atkinson
Tom Gott
Ryan Matthews
Ian Greenwood

Gary Edmonds
Vinnie King

Below is a full (all 100+ of them) list of the final qualifiers fishing the Airflo Bank Masters Final at Elinor reservoir. Good luck to each competitor and we hope your free Airflo Fly Lines serves you well!

Fishtec/PSM/Celtic Individual results Comp 2

Round two of the Fishtec League got under way 6th May at Llandegfedd reservoir. On a tough day 56 anglers managed to put over 300 fish in the net in some of the most perfect fishing conditions we’ve had for weeks.

Individual results match 2

Overall results so far:

Llandegfedd is still on form after hosting some of Wales’s most prestigious fly fishing competitions. Water clarity is the best that most have seen for years and nearly all fish fell for more imitative patterns. Top two anglers of the day fished with the new Airflo Supple Impact Mini Tip fly line and a team of black & olive buzzers. Most of the fish that were caught are ‘over wintered’ or early season stockies which have mended well, feeding on the lakes most prolific food source. Buzzers!

Caught by Anthony Cartwright

Written by Kieron Jenkins

Fishtec/PSM/Celtic League results – Comp 2

May bank holiday weekend saw anglers compete in the Fishtec league May 6th, Llandegfedd reservoir.  On the day, 56 anglers caught over 300 fish which were all safely returned.

Team Results and overall position so far:

After a few solid weeks of competitions, llandegfedd again performed brilliantly, producing a very fair match. Due to the water clarity most fish have become aware of the usual sinking lines and brightly coloured flies and are subject to more imitative patterns. Top team of the day fished the new Airflo Supple Impact Mini Tip and a team of four buzzers, static, in close to the shore. Water clarity is now at its best for years and so is the quality of the trout. Most of the fish that were caught are ‘over wintered’ or early season stockies which have adapted to life and found a substantial food source.

Written by Kieron Jenkins