Airflo Spring Invitational Fly Fishing Competition

A brand new event for 2018, this 6 man team fly fishing competition will be held at Rutland Water over the 19th & 20th of May.


Entry forms will be sent to the following teams, with at least a further 6 team places available.

  • Top 10 teams at AWAI final 2017
  • Top 5 teams at SPORTFISH team final 2017
  • At least a further 6 entries will be made available on a first come first served basis


All teams have now been entered. The final list of teams taking part are now listed below.


ACA, Blagdon FF, Change FF, Corrib Hoppers, Elinor, FNF Falcons, Franco Belge’s, Gateside, Greenwells, Grizzle cats, Iain Barr Costa, Mukseteers, Northern drifters, FNF Nymphomanics, RAF Fishhawks, Renegades, Reservoir Dogs, Team Airflo, Team Foxons, Team Vision and Welsh Hawks.


The entry fee will be £200 per team; all team members will receive a goody bag including an Airflo fly line and Airflo Baseball cap with a RRP of £57.98


  • 1st Team – £1500 Cash, Trophy, Medals, plus tackle prizes
  • 2nd Team – £750 Cash, Medals, plus tackle prizes
  • 3rd Team – £500 Cash, Medals plus tackle prizes
  • Top Rod overall – Trophy, plus Airflo fly rod
  • Top Rod Day One – Airflo reel
  • Top Rod Day Two – Airflo reel
  • Biggest Fish Day One
  • Biggest Fish Day two


Saturday will be fished 10am-6pm and Sunday will be 10am -5pm, after which we will be holding the presentation at the Fishing lodge, complete with a Hog roast.


The event will follow Airflo Anglian Water rules and a copy of these is available HERE.


Applications are to be made in writing. To download an application form, click HERE

Rutland Water - A special venue

Rutland Water – A truly special venue

Iain Barr World Bank Masters – 2017 Farmoor Fishery

Fancy your chances of winning a massive cash prize? Then enter the 2017 Iain Barr Bank Masters at Farmoor Fishery!

For 2017, a singles and pairs event will be hosted on Farmoor Reservoir Fishery with a prize fund of up to £15,000 available for the winners! We feel this is going to be THE event of the 2017 competitive fly fishing season – not only for the UK, but also Europe wide.

farmoor-promoWhat’s the deal?

There are no heats – the first 200 entries fish the finals, simple as that. Everyone has a great chance of taking a huge prize pot, and of catching tagged fish for additional cash and tackle prizes. 100% of entry fees make up the cash pot!

When is it?

The singles event will take place on Saturday 11th March 2017, and the pairs Sunday 12th March 2017.

How much?

Singles – Entry Fee £50, Fishing Fee £25. Limited to 200 anglers.
Pairs – Entry Fee £50 per pair, Fishing Fee £50 (covers two anglers). Limited to 100 pairs.

How to apply?

Click HERE to download an application form. Fill it in and send to the address on the bottom of the form with payment. If you have any trouble downloading, you can contact Iain by email:

The rules?

This is a catch and release competition with points scoring on rotational pegs. No size limit on fly dressing, barbless or de-barbed hooks only. Any type of fly line allowed including shooting heads. Check out the rules in full HERE.


Leading UK fly line manufacturer Airflo will be supporting the event as the main sponsor for the sixth consecutive year!!


For full details visit:

Airflo Bank Masters Finalists

With the Airflo World Bank Masters Individual Final edging closer each day, the number of qualifiers for the final has now risen to over 90 anglers! Following the previous 49 anglers, a further 5 heats have placed even more top anglers into the final which is to be held at Elinor, this weekend – 20th May. Well done to all and good luck in the final!

Elinor 2nd heat
Ed Foster
Ed Upton
Paul Haskey

Selmmuir 2nd heat
Gavin Hill

Stocks Heat
Neil Ashworth
Tony Taylor

Bank House
James Atkinson
Tom Gott
Ryan Matthews
Ian Greenwood

Gary Edmonds
Vinnie King

Below is a full (all 100+ of them) list of the final qualifiers fishing the Airflo Bank Masters Final at Elinor reservoir. Good luck to each competitor and we hope your free Airflo Fly Lines serves you well!

Late March/April Qualifiers

With the Airflo World Bank Masters Individual Competition off to a flyer, the number of qualifiers for the final is rising by the day. Following the previous 23 people, a further 24 have qualified in the past month, to secure place within the Final which is to be held at Elinor, 20th May. Well done to all and good luck in the final!

Aldin Grange – 18/03/12

This heat was fished with clear skies and crystal clear water. Lures took the early fish with small buzzers and even dries fished on fine tippet material taking fish in the later sessions. Former England International Andrew Scott took 1st place to qualify for the final with 9 fish

Woodford – 18/03/12

Darren Haggan romped away with the Woodford heat with 17 fish. Lures working well early on then a more imitative approach later saw Darren win by 11 clear fish. Harry McAteer (snr) came 2nd with 6 fish.

Selmuir Fishery – 18/03/12

Alec Bowler and Andy Dunn both caught 10 fish at Selmuir to qualify for the final with Alec pipping Andy on the points system. Slow deep lures was the approach here as fished stayed deep in the cold conditions. Several double figure fish were caught and safely returned.

Elinor – 25/03/12

46 people fished this heat making it the biggest in the competition. Bright sun and calm winds made it a difficult day as the fish moved to the deeper water. Elinor is prolific for buzzers and damsels and this proved the case on the day.

Harvey Mobbs in his first ever competition won it with 7 fish, taking most on buzzers fished static. His fishing partner, Adam West coming 2nd with 6 fish, also his first ever competition. My dad made an appearance and came in 5th ensuring a ‘Barr’ will be fishing the final, again buzzers and damsels taking his 6 fish haul. Top 9 qualifiers were

Harvey Mobbs, Adam West, Brad Gifford, Roy Swinfield, Bob Barr, Ian Pow, Tim Joyce, Matthew Tuck, Geoff Makin

Glen of Rothes – 01/04/12

Stuart Montgomery won this heat with 11 fish despite Paul Sharp also qualifying in 2nd with 12 fish. The fair scoring system ensured Stuart came out on top for a slightly better consistent catch rate across the pegs.

Markle Fishery –

 This was fished in bright and very cold conditions. Neil Barrett coming out on top with 5 fish and reaching the final.

Treetops – 15/04/12

Rob Allen, Chester had 3 fish all caught on cats whisker one from Loch pool and two from Badgers Sett pool.

Godfrey Hulse, Frodsham killed 3 fish totalling 7lbs 11ozs and returned 3 fish, his best 3lbs 9ozs caught on a damsel from twin islands pool.

Eric Croft, Bromborough, killed 3 fish weighing 7lbs 3ozs caught on cats whisker from the loch pool

David Hoppe, Walsall killed 3 fish weighing 6lbs 14ozs and returned 2 fish

David Chamberlain, Holywell killed 3 fish the best weighing 2lbs 4 ozs from twin islands pool on a damsel and returned 2 fish

All others caught fish, the eighth Phil Jones, Caergwrle, caught one fish and returned it.

Garnffrwd 22/04/12

Fishing on Garnfrwdd seemed to pick up throughout the day, with anglers who were struggling taking fish late on as the weather broke. Garry Cullen took 13 fish to land first place closely followed by Chris Jones, also taking 13 fish to net second. Most fish were caught using fast intermediate fly lines and lures. Trevor Davies took the best fish of the day, which was said to be over 6lb.


March Qualifiers

With the Airflo World Bank Masters Individual Competition 2012 off to a flyer, the number of qualifiers for the final is rising by the day. 23 people already have their place within the Final which is to be held at Elinor, 20th May. Well done to all and good luck in the final!

Exe Valley Day 1 -03/03/12

Winner – Peter Simons, 2nd Keith Gollop, 3rd Simon Kidd and 4th Alan Jukes

Exe Valley Day 2 – 04/03/12

Winner – Julie Hooper and 2nd (Husband) Lee Hooper

Exe Valley saw lures scoring early on but soon went more imitative with small buzzers down to size 14 consistently catching through out the day. Congrats to Julie and Lee Hooper who put marriage aside and fought it out to take the top two spots on day 2.

Ellerdine -03/03/12

Winner – Andy Taylor, 2nd Stephen Williams, 3rd Lyndon Ford and 4th Mark Harrison

Ellerdine saw a chartreuse egg and woofta buzzers take many fish. Floating lines with these fished static took most. Bucking the trend was winner Andy Taylor who used a red worm and lure combination on an intermediate.

New Haylie – 04/03/12

Winner – Bobby Quinn, 2nd Kevin Andrews, 3rd James Edwards, 4th Stephen Cowan, 5th Graham Ferguson and 6th Willie Leech

NewHaylie’s heat got off to a flying start with rods bent all round the lake. Lime worms fished on an intermediate with eratic retrieves proved the best method on the day although anglers caught on a wide variety of methods

Straid NI – 03/03/12

Winner – William Maguiness and 2nd Harry McAteer

Straid was a tough heat but small buzzers coming round in the cold wind took the majority of fish. Well done to the two qualifiers.

Blackdyke Day 1 – 25/02/12

Winner – Bart Farmer, 2nd Nigel Tranter, 3rd Chris Huston, 4th Gavin Cairns and 5th Jonathan Shaw

Bart Farmer used a team of buzzers presented static just 3 or 4 yards from the bank and occasionally switched to a sunburst blob and buzzers on a slime line when fishing in to the wind to take 1st place and book his place in the prestigious final. he caught 13 fish on the day across 5 different pegs. He controlled his flies perfectly over the ledge just a few yards from the bank where the fish were patrolling. All the qualifiers used buzzers to a degree with a Neon Damsel also taking plenty of fish.  Chris Huston from Australia caught his fish on a damsel and Woofta Buzzer to take 3rd place and Nigel Tranter preferred a White and Yellow Dancer or sunburst blob with buzzers to take 2nd place fished deep on a slime line.