Carp fishing on a small local water

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Finally, after frozen lakes and river, a cold that I couldn’t shift and the prospect of finding a new job I managed to get a few hours on the bank. Unfortunately its not everyday that things go your way and this surly wasn’t mine.

For me, getting to and from the places I fish can be a pain as I have to rely on public transportation, mainly trains and buses, but I’ve never really had a problem with them. Arriving at the train station at 7.30am I found that the lift I have to use to get to the platform was again ‘out of order’ so I had to lug the gear up a flight of stairs only to be told that the train to Chilham was to be replaced by a bus service. So back down the steps to wait for the bus, Great! It arrived at around 8.35am and speedily went on its way. Now normally when a bus replaces a train it stops outside the station, right? Wrong, this guy shot past my stop and carried on drive and when I asked him if I could get off he said “no, not until the next stop” which unfortunately for me was almost a two mile walk back on myself with fishing gear. After an hour I made it to the lake of which was the match lake owned by Mid-Kent Fisheries just as the rain started to come down.

My Set up

My set up for the day was easy, a straight waggler rig with a size six super specialist with six pound line straight through, naturally I was using my trusted 10ft nan-Tec float rod, and for bait, spam. The other rod was my 10ft 2.5Ib tc nan-Tec carp rod with 10Ib line on a pva bag set up, a 2oz in-line square lead with a 2inch 15Ib N-trap hair rig, bait was a CC Moore NS yellow dumbbell with the new Cold Water Hot Spot mix mixed with Feedstim XP and Live System liquid.

The Fishing

By the time it had taken me to get from my house to the lake (which is only 8 miles away) then set everything up I only had about three hours left to fish, so out went the rods and down came the rain even harder as the wind forced it sideways. The first fish came around half an hour after first cast on the carp rod. As i struck, the fish ran for cover, giving a good account of itself trying to snag itself up, but in the net it went and a 5Ib 3oz common was the first. Soon after that I had another run on the carp rod which produced another common of 5Ib 13oz.

Time really flies by when you only have a few hours to spare and with only half an hour left the carp rod was off again with a bit more aggression this time. It’s something about these small end of winter carp, they seem to have so much energy and dart to every snag around before succumbing to the landing net. This mirror was defiantly a fish with big boots and at only 5Ib 7oz it really fought hard.

By now the rain really was coming down hard so I packed up and headed of home only to have to wait for five different buses to stop and say that I couldn’t get on because there was not enough room. I did get home eventually be it I was an hour and a half late, oh well it can’t always go write can it, but I got my rod bent and now I’m geared up for some big fish hunting the two species in mind at the moment being a double figure Tench and Bream.