Carp and Coarse fishing fanatic

As a first time blog poster on the Fishtec blog I felt that I couldn’t just write my début article about expert fishing tackle or tactics without you knowing who I am and why you’d be interested in my rambling in my world  of Coarse and Carp fishing.

My name is Dan Jones and I have been a keen angler since my first trip back in the mid 80’s when my father took me sea fishing for Flounders on the Penclawdd Estuary.  Twenty five years on and I still have vivid memories of that day, I  still remember seeing the sun rise as we were digging for Rag worm and  then later rescuing the rods from the fast rising tide. The whole landscape has since changed drastically on the estuary but I still remember what it was like on that day.

I spent most of my weekends during my teenage years hanging off Swansea’s West Pier, dabbling in the Marina or wading through mud to reach the estuary. I would think nothing of cycling hours on end to reach likely fishing spots around the Gower coast.

My angling life was dominated by the sea until I was twenty-three; this was when picked up a match for the first time. I started off my coarse fishing catching  Roach and Rudd this was a great distraction from the chaos of life but  my perception of coarse fishing was to completely change the moment I  hooked in to my first ever Carp. At the time a 10lb 2oz Common Carp was a  true leviathan in my eyes, I’d never even landed a fish of this size or  power from the sea and playing it on 3lb line while my long term  angling partner Steve adjusted the drag was magnificent. My first battle with a Carp is ingrained in my memory as if it was yesterday and is something I do not think I will ever forget.

During the last decade, a wave of new technology made digital cameras the norm and the internet has rapidly become a point of reference of everything. Gone are the days of ‘real’ photographs and leather bound photo albums. Caught up in new trends and technology I decided to start an online fishing diary. On the 10th March  2007 I started the blog called ‘Carp, Coarse and Swansea’ initially it  was a way of keeping all my fishing photos in one place and I could also  add a brief log of what I caught. In my mind, it did not matter if it was good, bad or interesting as I thought there would only ever be one person viewing it and that person would be me.

Somewhere in the five years since I started my little online photo album I became an angling blogger with my written blog being read by thousands of people a month. In 2009 I posted my first video blog after landing a  personal best Bream, again I’m not quite sure when this became the norm  for me but these days I rarely fish a session that doesn’t required  several hours editing video footage followed by writing an in-depth  account of the session. To be perfectly honest I never expected the volume of interest in my video blogs but as the current view total is just under a third of a million! I guess I must be doing something right. – Dan


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