6 Bonzer Australian fishing spots

Strewth! It’s Australia Day, so it seems only proper to honour some of the most beaut’ fishing spots down under.

With thousands of miles of coastline and varied regional climates, Australia offers a huge range of fishing options, so it’s no wonder around 5 million Aussies enjoy fishing in their leisure time.

Just take a look at these bonzer locations. Warning: the following may induce severe jealousy.

For barramundi fishing: Kimberley Coast, Western Australia

Kimberley Coast WA

Image source: John Benwell
Could you catch an elusive barramundi on the Kimberley coast?

We’ll start with one of the best excuses to bring out the sea fishing tackle: barramundi fishing. Australia’s most famous fighting fish – also known as the Asian seabass – barramundi is an Aboriginal name meaning ‘large-scaled silver fish’ and it provides one of the great fishing challenges. One of the best spots to catch it (and other large fish) is the stunning Kimberley Coast, a region bordered by the Indian Ocean, Timor Sea and sandy inland deserts. So, as the Aussies say, give it a burl!

For catching something tasty: East Coast, Tasmania

East Coast Tasmania

Image source: Mariusz Kluzniak
A truly stunning spot to fish.

Tasmania’s east coast is a haven for fishing and attracts both professional and recreational anglers from all over the world. There’s everything here from jetty fishing for beginners, to diving for rock lobsters, to serious deep sea sport fishing charters. You’ll definitely catch something tasty to put on the sunset barbie.

For huge variety: Gippsland, Victoria


Image source: Lincoln Peh
Why not try lake fishing in Gippsland?

Few places in the world offer the diversity of fishing opportunities found in Gippsland (in fact we had to check Gippsland wasn’t another Aboriginal word meaning fishland, but it wasn’t).  There are heaps of fish species in this area to ensure year-round fishing and a variety of spots to fish from including coastal lakes, rivers, estuaries and even a 90-mile stretch of beach. Fair dinkum, we’re stoked just talking about it!

For a fishing safari: Gove Peninsula, Northern Territory

Grove Peninsula Northern Territory

Image source: Matthew Grooby
One of the largest areas of Aboriginal-owned land.

The Gove Peninsula is the most eastern extremity of the Northern Territory and is one of the largest areas of Aboriginal-owned land. And the fishing there is legendary. Charter a fishing safari in the pristine waters of the Arafura Sea and fish a bounty of species including tuna, marlin, barracuda and red emperor. You can even spend the night camping on Wigram Island. It’s so remote you’ll be drinking with the flies.

For tinnie boat fishing: Bega River, New South Wales

Bega River

Image source: Peter Hindmarsh
Take a tinnie down the river.

For those of you not familiar with the lingo, a tinnie isn’t a can of beer, but rather a small aluminium motorboat that resembles a sardine can. Hire one at sparrows fart (dawn) and find a spot on the enchanting Bega River off the Sapphire Coast where you’ll find bream, bass, flathead and tailor.

For pier fishing: Tathra, New South Wales

Tathra Pier NSW

Image source: John
Fish on the pier with your peers.

For many Aussies the joy lies in tossing a line from the end of a pier and being in the company of other like-minded anglers. Tathra Pier in family-friendly Tathra, NSW is one of the most popular piers for fishing in Australia. So chill out with some fellow anglers and try your hand at catching a yellowtail kingfish, bonito or Australian salmon while you’re at it.