Bomb proof bivvy

The modern day bivouac shelter or “bivvy” might be high-tech and light weight, but could it withstand mortar fire or even some aggressive weather?

For the hardcore angler who lets nothing get in the way of fishing, we have found the perfect bivvy for maximum protection.

These bomb proof bivvies not only keep you sheltered from the elements, but will keep you fishing even if a war breaks out.


Cape May in New Jersey
Photo by Isadore Berg


Bangsbo Fort in Denmark
Photo by George-Denmark


Near Durres in Albania
Photo by Hugo van Tilborg


Punta Montgó in Catalonia
Photo by SBA73

Wustrow in Germany
Photo by Meister61


Tsamili in Albania
Photo by KublaGirl

bivvy albania

Lake Ohrid in Albania
Photo by RTW2007

bivvy bunker

Fort Funston in California
Photo by James Mancusi

bivvy bunker

Lakeside in Poland
Photo by Wojtek Mszyca

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