Black and Blue Holographic Sea Trout Tube

Fly of the week - black and blue sea trout flyBlack and Blue is one of the most favoured colours for sea trout here in the UK. Sea trout or Sewin anglers choose their fly colours wisely depending on the location of the river, it’s height, how light the night may be, whether it’s cloudy or clear or if the fish are fresh or not. Sewin anglers have their theories why certain flies work and as nearly all fishing, it’s down to what you have confidence with. This fly is one of our favourites here at Fishtec and has produced some of our best catches.

Start off by sliding an aluminium tube onto a tube fly needle and push tightly into the adapter. Here I have used the Eumer Tube Fly Vice, the perfect tool for tying tube flies. Run your thread onto the top of the tube and create a platform to tie the wing onto. This layer of thread will ensure the wind stays firmly in place and not slip through the thread.

Take a pinch of black bear and roll it around the tube to give a splayed effect around the tube to give plenty of movement and very sandeel like type fly. Remove the excess over the end of the tube and tie in two strands of blue holographic flash on each side

Take two jungle cock eyes, I prefer packed jungle cock as you get consistently sized feathers. Remove the excess and tie in over the same area of the blue holographic. Remove the waste and whip finish off. Varnish the head to secure the tying in place and you’re done!

Written by Kieron Jenkins

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