The view from my bivvy

Many non-fishing folk wonder how anyone can sit beside the water for hours on end, without going crazy.

For anglers, a bivvy by the water is the perfect place to stop you from going crazy.

With views like this you can see why:

sunshine bivvy

Bivvy in the Norfolk sun
Photo by MND Photography

moon from bivvy

Moon-rise view over Cregennan, Wales
Photo by Kris Williams

bivvy in norway

Peaceful fishing in Norway
Photo by Jesper2cv

Nighttime in Alaska

Nighttime in Alaska
Photo by Kim F

sea fishing bivvy

Sea fishing in Suffolk
Photo by Chris Eccles

bivvy by dock

Sitting by the dock of a lake
Photo by Jordan J Taylor

3d fishing bivvy view

A bivvy view in 3D
Photo by Jim Frost

fishing bivvy california

High Sierra bivvy bliss
Photo by Frank Bonilla

fishing bivvy view

Autumnal view from a British bivvy
Photo by Chris Parfitt

sunset bivvy fishing

Night fishing deserves a sunset start
Photo by Schmeegan

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