Bivvy Grand Designs

Bored by your bivvy? It’s time to get inspired!

We all know a fishing bivvy is supposed to be a purely practical item, created to provide shelter for super keen anglers. But what’s wrong with injecting a little design?

We’ve been on a hunt for the weirdest, wackiest and most wonderful examples of Grand Design Bivvies out there.

Here’s what we found…

bivvy 1

For giant caterpillars, and humans.
Source: Inhabitat

Das Park Hotel

You might need to stock up on air freshener in this sewer pipe hotel.
Source: Electric Tree House

bivvy 11

A boring-looking bouncy castle or a post-nuclear disinfection tent?
Source: Camping Scene

bivvy 10

Confuse some sheep with this design
Source: Field Candy

bivvy 9

It’s a jacket, it’s a sleeping bag, it’s a TENT!
Source: Firebox

bivvy 8

Let’s play rock-paper-scissors to pitch this tent.
Source: Technabob

bivvy 7

Now that’s a place for a romantic dinner.
Source: The White Connection

bivvy 6

No fly is coming near this giant frog! Perfect for insectophobes.
Source: Trend Hunter

bivvy 5

I just want to know where the wine bottle is!
Source: Trend Hunter

bivvy 4

Fairies and elves not included
Source: The Coolist

bivvy 3

‘Living in a bubble’ just got a whole new meaning.
Source: Bubble Tree

bivvy 2

Ever dreamt about living in a raindrop? Here’s your chance.
Source: Inhabitat