Danger! Don’t put your bivvy here

Finding a remote place to enjoy a spot of fishing is a most pleasurable experience.

The relaxing sound of birdsong, the comforting touch of a warm breeze and … the sight of your bivvy being blown into the heavens by a landmine.

If you’re going to go fishing off the beaten track, watch where you set up your bivvy.

Private land

danger keep out sign

A clear sign in any language
Photo by Martin Abegglen

“Get off my land!” is a phrase shouted by farmers and landowners the length of Great Britain, which isn’t such a bad thing considering you’re camped in their garden. It’s the silent ones with shotguns, you need to watch out for. It’s best to stay off private property if you can help it – especially when the signs read: Trespassers Will Be Very Sorry.

Bogs and swamps


Keep moving if you get a sinking feeling
Photo by Mike Love

If there’s lots of mosquitoes about, it stinks like a toilet and your waders make a squishy sound, chances are you’re standing in some kind of swamp or bog. Not the best place to put a bivvy up – unless you like waking up with a hippo on your head.

Wild Rivers

alligators and crocodiles

Beware of beasties by the river
Photo by Rennett Stowe

There’s some gigantic freshwater fish to be caught along great rivers like the Nile and the Amazon. Likewise, you’re a great catch for some of the wild beasts that prowl the banks when it’s dark. Crocodiles don’t usually knock when they spot a new bivvy in the neighbourhood.

Off Road

tractor tyre

Keep your bivvy off-road
Photo by Canadian Tennis

Might seem fairly obvious this one, but If your setting up your bivvy in the dark, take care not to set up camp smack bang in the middle of a dirt road. Tractor tyres will leave quite a mess on your sleeping bag.

Ant Nests

ants in bivvy

Don't get ants in your pants
Photo by Il conte di Luna

Never underestimate the power of the humble ant, especially if you have something sweet in your bivvy. One phone call later, and the humble ant will be joined by 6000 of his mates, intent on raiding your lunchbox. Don’t make it any easier by setting up your bivvy on a massive ant nest.


battlefield bivvy

Do not bivvy on a battlefield
Photo by Unsure Shot

Finishing off with a bang … If you happen to be fishing in places like say Cambodia, then take great care when stepping into the wild. There won’t always be a warning until you and your bivvy are halfway to the moon. But with just a little bit of bivvy awareness, you’ll be hooking the big fish in no time.

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