Bite alarms save lives

When technology goes fishing, cool little gizmos like bite alarms are created. Putting an end to the days when crafty fish sneaked a cheeky nibble on the bait without anybody noticing.

Yes, bite alarms are the guard dogs of the fishing world and will quickly alert you to any underwater intruders. And they can also save your life too — yes really, take a look.

Sleepwalker stopper

Sleep walking

Sleep walking can be fatal

Protect serial sleepwalkers from walking up the stairway to heaven by strategically placing fishing wire around the house. As soon as the dozy nightwalker steps on the fishing wire, they’ll be woken up by the bite alarm. Just don’t make the fishing wire too tight — sleep tripping is dangerous.

Stomach saver

spear hunting

Modern hunters use bite alarms

Could you honestly remember how to make a Ray Mears’ animal trap when you’re soaking and starving in a dark wood? Anyway, it’s too much like hard work sharpening sticks and that. So whether it’s alerting you to rabbits in a wood or fish in a river, the bite alarm is a much easier option for a campfire dish — especially if you’re a bit lazy.

Snooze patrol

death roll

Enjoy Swiss Rolls and avoid Death Rolls

If you love adventuring in Earth’s extremities, then chances are you’ve had to make overnight camp in some precarious locations. Not to worry though, as with a bite alarm perimeter around your sleeping bag, you’ll protect yourself from potential sleepy death rolls over the edge — much less tastier than Swiss rolls.

Arctic alerter

polar bear

Prevent polar bear attacks with a bite alarm

The Arctic tundra is a vast frozen world of desolate beauty, a place where man is pushed to his limit in the pursuit of personal achievement and curiosity. So the last thing he needs is a huge, hungry teddy bear rampaging into camp and nicking all the hot chocolate. Bite alarm tripwires will alert you to any nosey polar bears. After that you’re on your own!

Urban airflow alarm

city skyline

On hot city nights let air in, not burglars

With fearless foxes and crafty cat burglars roaming urban streets at night, it’s not always safe to sleep with your window open during summertime in the big smoke. Well how about setting up some almost invisible fishing wire bars on your open window? Anything other than cool airflow coming inside means you’ll be alerted sharpish. Safe!

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