Bite alarm! Fish with big teeth

Fish pedicures might be a great way to remove dead skin from your feet, but some fish would bite your foot clean off.

Check out the teeth on these scary critters – they’ll certainly get your bite alarms bleeping.

Pacu fish

pacu fish

A mouth full of munchers
Source: 22 words

This set of molars and incisors is almost human in appearance, but the fish that owns them is known in Papua New Guinea as the ‘ball cutter’.

Imfamous for biting off the testes of unwary fisherman, the Pacu recently turned up in a lake in Illinois causing consternation among the locals who like to swim there. Related to the piranha, the Pacu’s main diet consists of leaves, aquatic vegetation and, err, nuts.


payara fish

Payara – the Vampire fish with fangs
Source: Payarawana

The Payara is known by locals as the vampire fish. The razor sharp prongs at the front of its lower jaw can grow up to six inches long. But this is no nocturnal blood sucker.

The Payara feasts on piranha, using its monster teeth to impale them before swallowing. A clever strategy considering the piranha’s reputation for eating everything in sight.


viper fish

The deep sea fish with an alarming bite
Source: Wikipedia

Ever felt a little shiver of fear when you’re having a swim in the sea? Ever wondered what might be swimming beneath you? This little beauty has teeth so long, if they didn’t overlap its top jaw, it would never be able to close its mouth.

But if you’re worried about being bitten – don’t be. It inhabits the deep dark ocean floor. At depths of between 250 and 5000 feet, it uses a glowing lure on its dorsal fin to attract prey.

Goblin Shark

goblin shark

The sensitive shark
Source: Naver

This fine looking specimen is a deep sea shark. Like a reconnaissance craft, the massive snout contains an array of complicated electronics for locating prey.

Once a suitable meal has been located in the gloomy depths, the large, fleshy tongue sucks it to within reach of the retractable jaw and the needle like teeth do their job. Unlike most sharks, this critter has thin, pink skin that’s easily bruised. Ahhh.


fangtooth fish

Fangtooth – the largest toothed fish
Source: Wikimedia

To say this isn’t a pretty fish is an understatement, but it has some impressive credentials. It has the largest teeth proportionate to its size, of any fish in the sea.

The fact that it’s not very big (six or seven inches) notwithstanding, that’s some claim to fame. The incisors are housed in special sockets on either side of its brain – a wise idea – under the circumstances.


Tiger fish

Tiger toothed fish
Source: TTBTS

The African Tiger fish inhabits the Congo river basin and is known among local people as the only fish that doesn’t fear the crocodile. No wonder – 32 inch long razor sharp prongs would give any fish a sense of safety.

It prefers turbulent water and has been known to attack humans – the largest ever specimen to be caught – 154 lbs. That’s one apex predator.